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Moulding of tomb niche, jamb and arch moulding from intrados comprises: hollow chamfer, right-angled rebate, hollow chamfer, quadrant. Hood comprises frontal fillet, hollow chamfer. In design, the tomb niche looks like those from Quin and Ennis, which are related to the Limerick/Kerry examples. The moulding looks very like that of the west door.

West door, moulding from intrados comprises: hollow chamfer, quadrant, hollow chamfer. The hood from extrados in comprises: frontal fillet, hollow chamfer, hollow chamfer. The jamb and arch moulding here is particularly close to that at Tuam, in the south door of the fourteenth-century choir. Although the hood mouldings are different, the manner in…

Piscina capital, the most complex on the site. Moulding comprises, from top down: abacus, quadrant, fillet, flat surface, scroll with lower fillet, bell, necking chamfered fillet.

Base of octagonal piscina shaft. From top down moulding comprises: chamfered fillet as necking, bell, roll, bell, plinth.

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