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Mullion of finely moulded window in south transept. The mullion is moulded at its outer face and simply has chamfered corners at the rear. The moulding, from centre comprises: central fillet flanked at either side by hollow chamfer, right-angled rebate, hollow.

South transept arcade, one of two types of capital, the other very plain. The moulding, from the top down comprises: scroll, roll, angle-fillet, scroll with lower fillet, bell with angle-fillet at mid-point, necking scroll. Similar capitals can be found in the piscina of the transept chapel at this site, as well as at Holycross, Strade, Kilfenora…

Capital frieze of Joyce tomb, which runs horizontally between the jamb and arch. Moulding comprises, from top down: roll, bell running into roll, free-standing fillet, roll, fillet, hollow chamfer, roll, hollow chamfer. This tomb is thought to be very late, and have almost classical mouldings.

Piscina jamb, arch and hood. From intrados, moulding comprises: fillet, hollow chamfer, quadrant, hollow chamfer, fillet. The hood comprises: hollow, free-standing fillet, hollow, fillet and terminates in a frontal fillet. This piscina is close in design to that in the same location at Ennis Franciscan.

Upright of MacNamara Tomb, moulding, from centre, comprises: angle fillet flanked at either side by right-angled rebate, quadrant. The rear corners of the rectangular upright are chamfered.

Base of tomb mullions/uprights. From top down moulding comprises: roll, bell, fillet, roll, bell, fillet, roll, bell, plinth.

Loose fragment, jamb moulding comprising: broken quadrant, hollow chamfer, quadrant, right-angled rebate, quadrant, hollow chamfer, quadrant.

Capital of piscina jamb, moulding from the top down comprises: abacus scroll, bell, necking roll. This piscina, in mouldings and design, is very similar to that in the same position at Quin.

Sketch of tomb niche base, from top down moulding comprises: grooved roll, bell, fillet, scroll, bell, scroll, bell, quarter-roll, plinth. One of a number of Flamboyant tombs found on or west of the Shannon. The Ennis example is closest in design to that in the north chancel wall at Athenry Dominican Friary.

Door jamb and arch moulding running along chamfer plane, from intrados the elements comprise: quadrant, sunk chamfer, right-angled rebate, sunk chamfer, quadrant. The moulding of the hood also runs along the chamfer plane, comprsing hollow, free-standing fillet, hollow.

Capital comprising: abacus, two rolls, angle fillet, scroll, bell with keel at mid-point, roll-and-fillet as necking. Simlar examples at Holycross, Kilconnell, Strade, Lorrah Dominican.

Door jamb and arch moulding, comprising from intrados: chamfer, hollow, triplet of roll-and-fillets, hollow, quadrant, quadrant. The hood comprises a sunk chamfer.

Pointed door contined in square frame with tracery in the spandrels. From intrados moulding comprises hollow, chamfer, chamfer (forming mitre at angle), hollow, chamfer, right-angled rebate, chamfer, hollow, chamfer. Unusual moulding, mitres rare, see Holycross for other examples.

Top horizontal architrave of the MacNamara tomb, from the top down the stepped moulding comprises: quadrant, flat surface, angle-fillet, quadrant, right-angled rebate, quadrant, flat surface.

Fragment of ogee headed window under a square label. The moulding can be read as: frontal roll-and-fillet flanked by hollow chamfers, after this broken at one side and with a quadrant at the other. Or, it can be read, from intrados, as comprising: quadrant, hollow chamfer, quadrant, fillet, quadrant, hollow chamfer.

Pointed hood, comprising, from outside in: roll, free-standing fillet, hollow, scroll, fillet, hollow, roll.

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