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(handwritten on back of image): C353, Gowran, Co. Kilkenny: St. Mary's parish church: E. end of tomb of two knights (multiple images on file)

(handwritten on back of image): 68.10, Lambader (Finistere): Chapel: Angel/Annunciation on S. side of entranceway to rood screen (jube)

(handwritten on back of image): 68.11, Lambader (Finistere): Chapel: BVM of the Annunciation on N. side of entranceway in rood screen (jube)

(handwritten on back of image): Ploudiry (Finistere): jube en bois (see C. Arch. 1914, p. 125, Eglise la Roche-Maurice) (MH58149/34850)

(handwritten on back of image): Chezal-Benoit (Cher): Eglise: devant d'autel en pierre sculpte: John (palm, beardless); James I (lg. sword); Peter (key and rather lg. hand cross); John; Christ on cross; Mary; Paul; Andrew (hand cross); Bartholomew (knife) (MH21906/34894)

(handwritten on back of image): Lynde (Nord): Jube en bois: 1. (blank) 2. (blank) 3. John 4. Andrew 5. Matthew 6. Paul/Coronation 7. Peter 8. Bartholomew 9. James I 10. Thomas 11. Simon 12. Jude (MH10322/34850)

(handwritten on back of image): 66.72, St. David's (Pembrokeshire): Cathedral: Crucifixion in S. wall of St. Nicholas' Chapel

(handwritten on back of image): 66.136, St. Issy (Cornwall): chapel at end of S. aisle: pieta on altar

The seal of Glaston Abbey was a curious and superb one, and has the character of the time of Henry VI. from the style and ornaments of the niches in which the figures stand, and the quatrefoil. It was three inches in diameter and consisted of two distinct parts, or sides, so fitted and arranged as to give an impression on each side of the wax at…

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