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Door jamb and arch moulding, moulding from intrados comprises: chamfer, quadrant, fillet, hollow chamfer, fillet, quadrant, fillet, right-angled rebate, fillet, quadrant, fillet, hollow chamfer, fillet, quadrant, fillet. This door, due to various design similarites, is almost certainly by the same mason as the west door of Ardnaree Augustinian,…

Capital frieze running the length of the splayed door jamb. Moulding comprises, from centre: central frontal roll-and-fillet flanked above and below by fillet, hollow, and scroll.

Hood moulding of door. From extrados, moulding comprises frontal fillet flanked by quadrants, and at inner face, by a fillet, hollow and roll.

(handwritten on back of image): 69.302, Claregalway (Galway): Franciscan Friary: tomb structure between E. end of nave and aisle (multiple images on file)

(handwritten on back of image): Claregalway (Galway): Franciscan Friary: part of tomb beneath E. most arch of nave arcade (Leask photo)

(handwritten on back of image): 72.464, Claregalway (Galway): Franciscan Friary: tomb niche (enfeu) in S. wall of nave, near tower, piscina at far L. (multiple images on file)

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