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"Is the treasure going to be born?" Many people could not help but look around, and even can not wait to ask: "What is the treasure?" But Qiu Rong Wanxue did not think so, because the closer Li Qiye was to the lake, the brighter the light in the lake, and when he stood completely on the shore of the lake, the light became even more brilliant. This makes Qiurong Wanxue realize that there is no treasure born in the lake, and that the reason why the lake shines is entirely due to the arrival of Li Qiye. The lake is not big, although it is shining brightly, but the lake is calm, and it does not look like a treasure was born. After listening to Qiu Rong Wanxue's guess, Li Qiye smiled and said, "Yes, it's not a treasure, but because of this thing." Said to take out a thing. He held in his hand something that looked like an amulet or an imperial edict. It looked like a piece of paper, inscribed with runes that Qiu Rong could not understand. It was so old that it seemed to have gone through countless ages. (To be continued.) Thailand's Most Chest Female Anchor's New Exciting Video Is Exposed to Throw Down the Man's Hunger and Thirst! Please pay attention to the WeChat official account and watch online. : meinvxuan1 (long press for three seconds to copy)!! Chapter 475 the Kingdom of Heaven. ? When Li Qiye took out this thing. The light of the lake became very bright, and fairy lights were thrown into the air, as if a real fairy had been born. This, this is the legendary key to the first grave! A young monk of the Stone Clan,stainless steel edge trim, who came from an ancient family, recognized the thing in Li Qiye's hand and was startled, his eyes wide open. What, the key to the first grave! The young monks who came far behind were shocked when they heard this, and some even couldn't believe it. The key to the first grave has always been a legendary thing, and not many people have really seen it. Legend has it that the only way to open the first grave is to rely on this key. Many people think that the key to the first grave is a key, the kind of key to unlock,aluminium edge trim, but who has ever thought that in fact, the key to the first grave is not a key in the traditional sense, but a secret order. Everyone knows what it means to open the first grave. If you can get the legendary immortality after entering the first grave, it will be more worthwhile than becoming an immortal emperor. Qiu Rong late snow also can not help but shock, at this time has understood, Li Qiye from the master of Liuzu got the key to the first grave. Open! Li Qiye held the key in his hand and spoke the truth. The key of the first grave suddenly shed light and shone on the lake, and the lake rippled with it. In the bright light of the lake, a shadow was reflected at this time. It was a vast territory, with temples and immortal towers, just like a kingdom of gods. Isn't that, isn't that the kingdom of heaven? Someone could not help exclaiming. Be awakened by this sentence, people have looked up to the nine days above, secretly compared in the heart. The country reflected by the lake is exactly the same. Ever since I set foot on this big 6. Many people have tried to climb the mysterious country above the nine heavens. But no matter how we try, stainless steel tile edging ,metal trim manufacturers, the result is a failure. In fact, even such geniuses as Juque Shengzi have tried, but no one has been able to land in that country. During this period of time, many people feel strange and curious about where the country above the nine heavens is and what is in it. Do the gods live? Some people even doubted whether it was a phantom, but many people opened their eyes and looked at it with their eyes, and now it was not a phantom, but a real existence. Therefore, many people are wondering, since the country above the nine heavens is real, then how to go up. At this time, the lake reflected the country above the nine heavens, and many young monks realized something. Is this, this lake, the key to entering the kingdom above the nine heavens? A young monk immediately had such a guess. Boom, boom, boom. Just when many young monks were shocked, a Taoist platform appeared in the lake. Then a huge door opened. At the same time, runes appeared on the first grave key in Li Qiye's hand. He immediately hugged Qiu Rong Wanxue and shouted, "Go!" Before the sound fell, the door sucked the two of them in at once. Seeing this, the people in the back felt a shock in their hearts. Someone reacted very quickly and rushed over. He wanted to follow the two men into the gate and take the opportunity to ascend the kingdom above the nine heavens. However, he was bounced off the platform and could not get close at all. By the time the others arrived in a hurry, the platform had slowly sunk into the lake and the gate had completely disappeared. It is a pity Everyone could not help stamping their feet, regretting that they had missed such a golden opportunity. Perhaps the country above the nine heavens is the place where the mountain treasures of the capital city are hidden. Someone could not help murmuring. Many people think it is reasonable, the mountain treasure legend of the capital city one after another, but no one has ever seen, we began to feel that the mountain treasure of the capital city is hidden in the kingdom of heaven, can not help but envy Li Qiye. By the time Qiurong Wanxue could see things clearly, they had been transported to another place. Standing here, she felt like she was on cloud nine, and the whole person seemed to be feathered, and seemed to be much lighter all of a sudden. Qiurong Wanxue couldn't help looking around, and now he seemed to be in an ancient golden country, and everything he looked at was shrouded by magical light. This piece of heaven and earth is very wide, and there are ancient halls in it, each of which is huge, even bigger than an ancient city. At this time, the two of them were standing in the square in front of a huge ancient temple, which was so vast that people felt like ants, as small as dust. The ancient temple in front of us is so big that we can't see the whole picture at a glance, just like a huge city. Li Qiye took Qiurong Wanxue to this huge ancient hall,china tile trim, walked for a long time, gradually approaching the ancient hall, Qiurong Wanxue saw a huge array in front of the ancient hall. jecatrims.com


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