As the ancient saying goes, the complete txt works of "the prime minister of medical sex, please pick up the end of driving + extra chapters"

Feng Qingzhi looked up at the gorgeous sky dyed by the fireworks, and his lips raised a light and warm smile. On one side of Yan Luo's head, he saw Feng Qing's delicate side face and smooth jaw, and asked in a low voice, "Does it look good?" "Uh-huh!" Feng Qing nodded, feeling that two words were not enough to express, and added, "Very good-looking!" "Bang, bang, bang!" The sound became more and more dense, and more and more fireworks rushed to the sky, which seemed to be gathered together, not far from Qingfeng Pavilion. Bang, bang, bang! After the strong and dense fireworks just now, the fireworks gradually sounded, and even slowly appeared in the air. Looking at the handwriting slowly drawn by the fireworks in the air, Feng Qingchi was somewhat stunned, "Did you do that?" "Mmm." Yan Luo gave a low smile. Feng Qingchi's eyes are much deeper, "Thank you, I like it very much!" A line of big characters appeared in the air-I have no worries all my life, holding hands and growing old! 1528522375 Chapter 315 I have the rest of my life. Yan Luo was half a head taller than Feng Qingzhi. He looked down at her and smiled faintly. He did not speak, but in his eyes, there seemed to be a moonlight scattered. In a vast expanse of ink, there was a ripple of light,aluminium tile trim profiles, which looked very provocative. After the thud of the fireworks stopped, the handwriting that appeared in the air slowly dispersed, and just as the sky returned to calm, a bright lantern slowly rose. Then, two, three.. Not a moment, as far as the eye can see, all over the sky are Kongming lanterns, all kinds of colors,stainless steel edging strip, looks very beautiful and spectacular. Blue lights filled the air, lighting up the whole city of Yanfeng, the sky was brightly lit, and the snow on the ground was like silver. That night, both those who had not yet rested and those who had fallen asleep witnessed the grand scene of this moment. Looking at the scenery in front of him, Feng Qingzhi was completely stunned in place, with more and more warmth in his chest, a trace of unspeakable sweetness, clear eyes, smiles and satisfaction each accounting for half. A red rope was taken out from between the sleeves, and a small jade Jue was strung on the red rope. The jade Jue was very delicate, red as blood, glittering and translucent. It was carved with delicate pear blossoms, with distinct veins. Under the halo of Kongming lamp, there seemed to be streamer flowing slowly in the jade Jue. Happy birthday! Looking down at Feng Qingchi, Yan Luo spoke slowly. The rest of my life, regardless of joy and sorrow, stainless tile trim ,stainless steel tile trim, regardless of wealth, regardless of life and death, I will accompany you! "Feng Qingchi tied Yu Jue to her neck and shoulder, and Yan Luo bent over and whispered in her ear, affectionately lingering." OK Lips slightly hook, eyes with a smile to add, "Yan Luo, remember what you said today, in the future, no matter what, we will be together." "Mmm." Yan Luo and her forehead against each other, throwing out a charming word. Slowly loosening Yan Luo, Feng Qingchi took out a crooked red bracelet from his waist, with a small porcelain bell on it. Send me? Words and collaterals hook the lips and smile. The expression on Feng Qingchi's face was slightly uncomfortable, and he opened his mouth with a little embarrassment, "It's ugly!"! But you can't dislike it even if it's ugly. In the latter sentence, there was some strength in the voice. It's very nice. Yan Luo stared at the bracelet woven with red rope for a long time and opened his mouth in a low voice. Although he knew it was a compliment to himself, Feng Qingzhi still hooked his lips. I made two bracelets altogether. Here, look. She stretched out her left hand, which also had a bracelet similar to the one she held in her hand, navy blue, with a small bell embedded in it. Can you help me put it on? Yan Luo's eyes were shining, and he stretched out his left hand and said slowly to Feng Qing. OK Then Feng Qing held the bracelet and bowed his head with a serious look and tied it for Yan Luo. Yan Luo watched quietly, lowered his head slowly, and his thin lips were imprinted on her black hair, and his voice was deep, pleasant and magnetic. Qingchi, I am very happy! After living so long, this is the happiest moment now. He already owns the world! For Yan Luo good bracelet, fingers inadvertently brushed his fingertips, a layer of rough grinding feeling came. Holding the hands of Yan Luo, there are many scabby scars on the fingertips, which makes a pair of hands that look very slender and white a little ferocious. Yan Luo wanted to withdraw his hand, but Feng Qing held it tightly and seemed to have used a lot of strength. "Did you hurt it when you were making Kongming lanterns?" Feng Qing asked in a low voice. Uh Yan Luo answered in a low voice. Silly! Feng Qing stared at the wound on his fingertip for a long time before slowly spitting out a word. Yan Luo just looked at Feng Qing with a faint smile and did not speak. Bai Fu. Bai Wei Tan was covered with a snow-white coat, and his black hair, which had always been meticulously combed, was now scattered behind him. Standing in front of the window, looking at the Kongming lanterns all over the sky, his eyes, which were like smoke of glass, quickly crossed a touch of indescribable feelings, a little deep. Finally, his eyes closed and he closed the window. By the time the Kongming lanterns all over the sky had gradually disappeared, it was time. All right, go back! Yan Luo took a look at Feng Qingchi, low tunnel. Turning back to the room, Feng Qingzhi looked at the food box on the table and moved his deep eyes to Yan Luo again. "Haven't you had a meal yet?" "I'm waiting for you." Yan Luo spoke in a low voice. Come on, let's heat up these meals and eat together. Looking at Yan Luo, Feng Qingchi smiled shallowly. I'll cook noodles for you. These are cold! And he heated it so many times that it must not taste good. No, I want to eat today. This is the meal prepared by Yan Luo himself. Then I'd better do it again! Yan Luodao. It's all right, that's all. Feng Qingchang insists. Then he put a food box straight into Yanluo's hand and left the room with another one holding Yanluo's hand. After the figures of the two people left the Qingfeng Pavilion, after a clump of green bamboos, they slowly walked out of a tall and thin figure. Childe, I knew you had come to Qingfeng Pavilion! Lanze's extremely helpless voice sounded slowly in the night. Childe had already rested,stainless steel tile edge trim, the Kongming lantern filled the sky when he woke up, and then said to see Kongming lantern came out, and then in a twinkling of an eye he disappeared Childe's trace.


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