The Ultimate Evolution of Ants

"It seems that these guys are frightened by the great dwarf blacksmith and dare not rush ashore!" Indiana shamelessly took all the credit and shouted with a sledgehammer. Fortunately, the magic shield constructed by Marient and La Xiubel is quite strong, and if it weren't for his lightning rod, it would have played an unexpected role. Don't get too excited. What if they charge again after withstanding the thunder? After all, the boss and the copper hammer brothers jointly killed dozens of people, they will not endure this tone. Scar Ao is more clear-headed, pointed out the plight of the people. Indeed, now is not the time to be happy at all. Thousands of strong men and fifteen of their own people are not singing love songs across the sea. At any time, there is the possibility of pulling a big knife and rushing to cut people. Even if we escape the fate of being killed by thunder, we may have to fight again. I'm coming! Just in time to get some blood on my sword! Little Ai Yin is very brave to brandish the cross sword, quite a sword in hand, the world I have the momentum. He completely ignored that his waist was not as thick as the thighs of other shark fighters,endless swim spa, let alone more than a dozen giant whale men. In fact, there is no way. Lin Ruosong looked at the sea people, then frowned in silence for a moment, and suddenly asked an irrelevant sentence in his mouth, "Brother Copper Hammer,outdoor hot tub, will you give me the hammer of the storm?" "Shit!"! When. Of course you can. Indiana handed a hammer to Blacksmith Lin with a reluctant expression on his face. I'll give you a better one in the future. Lin Ruosong weighed the hammer in his hand, and then did something that made the dwarf blacksmith almost collapse. Whoosh! The hammer of the storm broke through the magic shield and the thunder net outside it in an instant, like a meteor across a pale red trace in the night sky. Volume 7 Storm Miracle Chapter 51 Desperate Situation Updated: April 23, 2009 19:48:20 Words in this Chapter: 6338 In terms of forging knowledge, if blacksmith Lin thinks he is the second, absolutely no one dares to be the first, but only in theory, and the throne of the real king of iron is still under the long buttocks of dwarves. Although the Titans did not bequeath to their bloodline the Dwarves' superb blacksmithing skills, and even the most basic forging was not fully passed down, outdoor whirlpool ,indoor endless pool, the Dwarves had a long life and an infinite love for the blacksmith profession. Wielding hammers for thousands or even tens of thousands of years, even if they don't use a hundred forgings, the objects they make are very powerful! And the Storm Hammer is carefully made by the Dwarf Patriarch, this unremarkable black sledgehammer is dissolved in all his efforts, its power can be imagined. Indiana.. The copper hammer once said. The impact force attached to the Storm Hammer is quite terrible, which Lin Ruosong affirmed the moment he picked up the hammer. The inside of the hammer has been emitting high-frequency energy vibrations, and the creatures hit are almost impossible to defend and resist! When the hammer of the storm crossed the night sky like a meteor, not only did Indiana collapse, but the Sea Clan also fell into madness after a moment. Thousands of Sea Clan warriors watched helplessly as the hammer flew over and smashed into the body of the deep-sea giant turtle.. Boom! The giant tortoise's rocky skin and carapace were shattered, and its body was like a high-explosive bomb detonated. The tortoise's blood rushed out of the hole, forming a thick fountain, and the steaming hot blood fog almost covered a small part of the sky! "***!"! The head is not accurate enough. It's a little off the mark. It doesn't seem to have much reaction. Blacksmith Lin swung his arm. He originally aimed at the head of the giant turtle, ready to kill with a blow, but the distance was too far. It was difficult for him, who had not practiced throwing knives and had a brute force, to strike accurately. "Brother Copper Hammer, lend me another handle.". The boss will get you two more cool ones another day. "Shit!"! Resolutely refuse to do it! Indiana clung to the hammer and shook his head like a rattle. Don't be so stingy, don't you believe. Blacksmith Lin was waiting to be persuaded when he was interrupted by a roar like nine days of thunder. Moo! The giant deep-sea tortoise let out a bison roar, its head rising like a tower from the sea level! His eyes, the size of a bucket, were wide open, and a stream of blood came out of them. It's full of anger and madness. The deep sea giant tortoise can't keep calm because of the severe pain. The whole body trembled crazily, and the sea people on it seemed to have suffered an earthquake of magnitude 10. They were shaken and even catapulted up, making a close contact with the sky. More than two hundred shark warriors who were still cruising in the sea were the most miserable. The giant tortoise's extremely strong limbs shook violently, forming several huge whirlpools on the sea beside it. As long as the shark warriors were involved in it, they could no longer rise. The suction and tearing force in the whirlpool broke their bodies. The sea was dyed red. The storm warlocks of the Sea Clan could not control the thunder at the moment. The riot of the giant tortoise made them almost unable to take care of themselves. The thunder net coiled over the nameless island suddenly dispersed. How interesting. Good luck. Blacksmith Lin was so happy that he narrowed his eyes. His original intention was to kill the deep-sea giant tortoise and cause the sinking effect. He dragged the sea people into the sea, thus winning time for himself and others to retreat. Unexpectedly, he hit the other side by mistake and caused a greater blow. The mermaid queen's charm and the song of controlling the beast can be seen as a kind of hypnosis, which is much lower than that of the blacksmith who has the fluctuation and spiritual law of the mother earth,jacuzzi manufacturers, while the sharp pain caused by the hammer of the storm makes the deep-sea giant tortoise completely awake at this moment, and it suddenly falls into madness when it gets rid of its bondage.. Controlling the Mermaid Queen is definitely the stupidest move of the Sea Clan. The barrier cuts off all sound transmission. So that the song of being charmed and controlling the beast can not be sent out immediately to pacify the deep-sea giant tortoise. After the hammer of the storm crashed into the giant tortoise. The moment before the giant tortoises did riot was the only chance, and Mandel's smart-aleck action completely killed it!.


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