Looking at Time Through the Fence by Wang Kehang

"Two days ago, there was a pen meeting in Changbai Mountain.". I'd like to have the membership fee reimbursed by the club. Lao Lin didn't agree. What's the point of staying here? "That's the thing." "Today, I'm here to say goodbye to everyone. If I have something to do later, I'll come to the Provincial Writers' Association.". By the way, you still have to write the paper of the news novel. "All right." I say. Wang Ping and I have always wanted to establish a literary genre. He writes medium-length novels and I write short stories. The novel genre has been rated as the "news novel" of China in the 21st century by literary journals such as Writer and Harvest. Wang Ping has sung this banner throughout the country, causing a sensation in the literary world, and the solemn literary award is an appreciation of this school. Wang Ping and I divide the work. He writes novels, and I write reviews and papers. This is an era of literary youth, Yu Hua's "Living", Ge Fei's "Edge", Xulan's "Song Dynasty Story", Wang Ping's "News".. Wave after wave hit the Chinese literary world in the mid-1990s. At noon, Wang Ping, Zhang Tong and Liu Guangshun and I found a pub outside and drank all noon. During the conversation, he knew that Liu Guangshun would also be transferred to the literary journal Spring Wind as an editor, where he would compile the career. I paid for this meal as a farewell to Wang Ping and Liu Guangshun. After that,Walking measuring wheel, he wrote a letter of invitation to Xulan, put it in the mailbox and went home. After drinking this meal, I understood the magazine President Lin's way of employing people. He is very good at network talents. Heroes do not ask where they come from, but only look at their published works. He invited young writers from all over the province to the club, paid them a certain salary, guided and trained them, and felt that they were more suitable,fish measuring tape, so he transferred them to the club. Because President Lin could not keep Wang Ping and Liu Guangshun, I became their target candidate. I am just 24 years old this year, the youngest in the editorial department, and I became the successor of Wang Ping and Liu Guangshun. Because I was too young, President Lin was very careful and patient with me. He never let me go, but he did not make up for my career. I would like to do so, because Dayu's salary is much higher than the magazine, I can also have a certain income in the magazine, two together, also a lot. April is a month to receive wedding invitations. Qi Lin and Wei Li's wedding invitations and Lu Xiangjun's wedding invitations are coming one after another. What worries me is whose wedding I will attend on May 1. Because I knew that Dongxue might attend Lv Xiangjun's wedding, I decided to look at Dongxue again, Adhesive fish ruler ,Pi tape measure, and her shadow never disappeared in my mind. Pan Jia and He Hongmei also came to my office for Qi Lin's marriage. Sitting down, He Hongmei asked me, "Dachuan, you seem to be a new person now. You don't like to talk every day. You come and go alone. It hurts to look at you." Pan Jia sighed and said, "We are all married, and you are the only one left." He Hongmei said, "Dachuan, don't you have a girlfriend yet?" I nodded. He Hongmei said, "Let me introduce one to you." I shook my head. Just hear me out. This girl is very good, and you also know her. This time, she also asked me to help her speak in the middle. She is very good-looking and has a good family condition. Her father is the deputy director of Siping Electric Power Bureau, and her mother is a middle school teacher. I have the same education background as you. I am also a junior college student. Now I am working in our factory. Liu Dan is from the finance department. Do you know that her uncle is the chairman of our company, which will certainly be helpful to your future career. What do you think? Pan Jia said, "I have two movie tickets for tomorrow night. Can you get to know each other first?" Sister Pan Jia and Sister Hong Mei, thank you for your kindness. I don't want to find a girlfriend now. You know, the shadow of winter snow can't be erased in my heart. I'm not ready for another relationship. If I start in a hurry, I'm afraid of hurting Liu Dan's feelings and myself. Then you can't go on like this, can you? You're always like this, and we feel bad. He Hongmei sobbed and said. I will be strong, and time will erase the pain in my heart. I have to wait to forget the past. Only by forgetting can we take the next step. I said sincerely. Poor child. Pan Jiadao. He Hongmei said, "Then how can I tell Liu Dan about this?" "Just say I don't want to talk about a date right now." I say. Pan Jia and He Hongmei left, and they took Liu Dan's hope away. Since then, Liu Dan has never appeared again. On April 30, Qi Lin and I arranged the wedding details in the new house. It was already midnight after the arrangement. I spent the night on the sofa in the new house. The next day, joy enveloped the city. I assisted Qi Lin to welcome Weili and sent the two newlyweds to the hotel. I asked Qi Lin and Weili for leave to go to Lv Xiangjun's wedding. Come out and take a taxi to the hotel booked by Lv Xiangjun. When I got there, Lv Xiangjun had already started toasting. I watched every table in the venue to see if there was any winter snow, but I never found it. I said hello to Lv Xiangjun, congratulated him and praised his wife for her beauty. Lv Xiangjun laughed and said, "Dongxue didn't come today. She's pregnant. She's at home to settle the fetus." I gave him a red envelope and said that I had a friend's wedding banquet to attend, and then I left the hotel. At the end of June, Jilin University held a graduation defense for our 92nd journalism correspondence class. I read my thesis "News Sensitivity and News Reporting" to the judges and answered their questions. During this period, we took graduation photos. At the beginning of July, the school informed me to attend the graduation ceremony, and I got the diploma of a red book. This small book added a lot of confidence to my heart. I handed over my student status to the personnel department of the unit, and at the same time, I gave a copy of my diploma to the office of the magazine. This strength inspired me to continue my study, so I prepared to take the unified examination for master's degree in January 1995 and apply for the major of contemporary literature in Jilin University. Through continuous learning, we can gradually heal the pain of our soul and seek spiritual comfort. My educational background is too low,Horse weight lbs, so I feel inferior to quit the first love. This kind of deliberate learning is a kind of psychological compensation I seek, but I know that no matter what, the current learning is useful for me to forget the past. Only in this way can my mind be liberated. tapemeasure.net


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