Emperor Group: Causing Underbelly Black Husband by Mistake: Shocking Runaway Wife (Upper Part)

All right, all right, don't be angry. You roared at me, didn't you? I won't tease you either, but you're not allowed to tease me either. Let's call it even! "All right, let's call it even. This is the end of the matter. No one is allowed to mention it again, OK?" Two people walk while talking, but also very fast, not for a while to the door of the company, so two people are very tacit understanding that good, this matter should be silent! "Well, OK!" Two people after a knowing smile, Xia Qianxi let go of the left maple wing, left maple wing also let go of Xia Qianxi, two people like nothing, from the front of the security guard, in the company, naturally each other want to keep a low profile, is also human nature! 4 An irresistible woman. "Well, I'm here. Go upstairs!" You.. You come to my office in the afternoon, not here! After arriving at the sales department, the elevator door had just opened, but it was closed by Zuo Fengyi. He didn't say he wanted to give Xia Qianxi any privileges. He just felt that two people had just confirmed each other, so it would be better to spend more time together. And he didn't want her to continue to do business, so he wished she could figure it out earlier and leave the sales department! "Why?"? Come on, Zuo Fengyi, you're already late! "It's all right,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, I'll say hello to the manager of your department later!" Without giving her any time to hesitate, he directly pressed the floor of the president's office and took her up with him. When the elevator door opened, Xia Qianxi was dragged out by Zuo Fengyi. Although this floor was the place of the president's office, there was still a secretary after all. So when Zuo Fengyi dragged Xia Qianxi, naturally some people felt very uncomfortable! "President?" "Well, Secretary Wang, it's all right and you're busy!" “…… Is this your wife? Secretary General Wang looked at the side of Xia Qianxi, in her face after a little look, of course, the whole person almost felt faint,304 Stainless Steel Coil, madam. It's been so long. It should be the first time. When the so-called wife came to the company, she had seen her, and then it seemed that she had never seen her, right? So why did the president bring her up this time? "Well, yes, it's my wife, Qian Xi, who is really the secretary general of the company, Secretary Wang!" "Oh, hello, Secretary Wang!" "Madam is polite, should I say hello to madam, president and madam are busy first, I make a cup of coffee for you two!" “…… Thank you Xia Qianxi looked at Secretary Wang with some admiration, this woman, all over the body reveals the kind of breath that makes people feel capable, OMG, how long does it take her to have such a temperament? It's so charming! And whether men or women, there should be no way to resist such a woman with temperament, mirror stainless steel sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Wire, right? 5 It seems a little frivolous "Madam, you are too kind!" Secretary Wang nodded to Zuo Fengyi and Xia Qianxi with a smile, and then went to the tea room without any flaws. According to reason, of course, she didn't need to do it. After all, she was a secretary general, but then again, what could she do? After all, she is the president, and then there is a wife, then even if she serves, there is no problem! And Zuo Fengyi naturally has been paying attention to Xia Qianxi's eyes, from her eyes, he can see her worship of Secretary Wang, see her incredible eyes, and it is precisely because of this, Zuo Fengyi's eyes slightly turn, as if thinking of something, hugging Xia Qianxi, quickly walked to his office! "Come on, sit down!" After pressing her on his soft leather chair, he smiled, and then he sat on his desk, although it may seem a little frivolous, but it doesn't matter, he doesn't mind, because now he has something important to say to her! “…… Zuo Fengyi, what's wrong with you? Why do I think your eyes look strange? "Hm?"? Is there? He was smiling, smiling like a treacherous fox! "Of course, but I always think it should be a malicious smile, right?" Is it so serious? "Well, you say you?" Xia Qianxi cautiously looked at him sitting on the desk, the psychological side of a burst of hair, do not know why, she always felt that the left maple wing seems to want to design her in general! "Qian Xi, don't worry, you are my wife, how can I be hostile to you?" “…… Who knows! "I have one thing to ask you, Qian Xi!" "What?" "What do you think of the Secretary Wang just now?" "Secretary Wang?"? Not bad, very temperamental, very capable, but also very feminine, the whole person looks, people feel as if inspired, tut, such a woman go out, it should be fascinating! 6 I would like to train you. "Secretary Wang?"? Not bad, very temperamental, very capable, but also very feminine, the whole person looks, people feel as if inspired, tut, such a woman go out, it should be fascinating! This is Xia Qianxi's heartfelt words. When she just saw Secretary Wang, she felt that she was particularly great. Although she envied such a woman, she also clearly understood that she could not be such a woman. First, she had no temperament, and then she had no self-restraint at all! Don't you think it's great? Does such a woman make people look comfortable? And do you wish you could be such a woman? “…… I? Forget it, I don't have that ability! "Nonsense,brushed stainless steel sheet, ability is not innate, but acquired through hard work. Now just tell me, do you think people like Secretary Wang are very challenging? Do you want to be like Secretary Wang?" "Why do you suddenly ask me that?" "Just answer me!" sxthsteel.com


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