Demon king through the ages

But Gao Feng just looked at the man indifferently, when the knife split in front of his eyes at lightning speed, he just crossed two fingers from the air, appeared at the blade, and then two fingers gently clamped the long knife. Joke, Gao Feng is difficult to find someone to fight against him under the imperial sword in the realm of cultivation. Among ordinary people, don't you want to die in front of him? Quiet! The whole audience was stupefied. The man with a knife had cut the black fat man with a knife before, but now the man in front of him had stopped him with two fingers? Wu Hou's face changed, and he knew in his heart how strong his own bodyguard was. But in front of this seemingly small man, unexpectedly so easy to control him, this..? "Bang!" Gao Feng backhand is a slap will be a man with a knife to fly out, although he has a good heart, but is not a soft-hearted person. In front of this Hou Wu is a bully, Gao Feng is extremely disgusted with this kind of person, so there is no mercy. After the knife-wielding man was whipped away, he twitched a few times directly on the ground and then did not respond,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, not knowing whether he was dead or not. Want to know this is just Gao Feng's casual blow, if you use a little force, you can directly pull his head to fly. This brother.. Uh, that.. Wu Hou looked at the man lying on the ground with a knife not far away and felt a chill in his heart. There was an ingratiating smile on his face, and he knew that his life was in the hands of the man in front of him. Gao Feng glanced at the pale woman who played the piano, and then looked at Wu Hou. From what he said just now,304 Stainless Steel Wire, it is not difficult to judge that Wu Hou has a bad heart for this woman who plays the piano. She owes you a debt? Gao Feng said indifferently. Chapter 267 thank you! Wu Hou's face changed slightly, and then he said with a smile, "I owe a little bit, but I have an agreement with her. If I don't have the money, it's all right. As long as she.." "You can't." Before Wu Hou could speak, the woman who played the piano said loudly. Wu Hou Yao Yao teeth, but Gao Feng here, he is not good attack. Gao Feng frowned and then glanced at the man lying on the ground and said, "How much is a life worth?" With these words, Wu Hou involuntarily stepped back. Then he looked at Gao Feng warily. The field also became silent because of this, and it was not difficult for everyone to hear the murder hidden in Gao Feng's words. What does he want? Do you even dare to kill the son of the Wu family. The Wu family has always killed people without blinking, 304 stainless steel wire ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, but now a young man actually said to kill the son of the Wu family? Beads of sweat as big as beans stood out from Luo Hu's forehead, and no one in the city dared to provoke the Wu family. Wu Hou forehead also slightly see sweat, at this time Gao Feng is back to him. Looking at the not tall figure in front of him, a fierce light flashed in his eyes. Brother, are you doing too much? If you kill the bodyguard, I will not pursue it. Wu Hou knows that it is useless for you to please such an indifferent person. So just make it clear. Gao Feng corners of the mouth with a sneer, just looked back at him indifferently, and did not speak. That left many wondering what he wanted to do. Gao Feng can easily kill Wu Hou, which no one will doubt. But no one dares to draw a conclusion about whether he can cope with the forces behind Wu Hou. Go to hell In the silence of the field, there was a sudden burst of drink. It turned out that Wu Hou did not know when a short blade appeared in his hand, and at this time he was stabbing Gao Feng. Gao Feng was facing away from him, and they were so close together that they could stab each other without walking around. This does not let less people face a change, this just remembered Wu Hou is a unscrupulous person. Only others have ever begged him for mercy, but today he not only died a bodyguard, but also bowed his head and begged for mercy, which must have made him full of breath in his heart. Whew! Short blade sounded a scream in the air, want to come to Wu Hou, is also a master of ordinary people, but he was wrong this time, he only Gao Feng as a top master of ordinary people. The top players among ordinary people are limited no matter how strong they are. That's why he made a sneak attack. "Oh!" A scream, Gao Feng's body did not move at all, only to see a red shadow flashed by, Wu Hou suddenly stood and stopped. And in his neck, a shocking cut was like a spring of blood. You "Wu Hou opened his eyes wide. He didn't understand what had killed him. He turned his head with difficulty and saw a little fox wiping the blood from his paws." Hiss! All the people in the field were pale, and I don't know if they were frightened or what was going on? Died? The feared villain died like this? And it was a little fox that killed him? Gao Feng looked at the red evil spirit with a faint smile, and then clapped his hands, regardless of the strange eyes of the crowd, but went to the guest room on the second floor. He had done what he could, and he had done a great deal of harm to the city by killing the scoundrels whom others dared not move. The woman who played the piano looked at the figure of one person and one fox in surprise, and an inaudible'thank you 'sounded in her mouth. Watching that admirable and frightening figure slowly disappear, everyone slowly woke up from the shock. What are you waiting for? We can't just watch the little brother fight for justice. Hurry up and clean up here. I don't know who opened his mouth and said that soon the door of the restaurant was closed and everyone in the restaurant moved. After a while, the restaurant returned to its usual state. In the guest room of the restaurant, Gao Feng meditated quietly on the bed, completely without putting the matter of killing Wu Hou in his heart. In his view, letting such evil people live will only lead to more people being persecuted by him. That's why he did it. The training speed of the third level of this magic roar is not much slower than before. Gao Feng breathed evenly and secretly in her heart. He has not practiced well since he broke through to the third level of the magic roar. Calm down these days, he began to practice, the normal practice is the later,304 Stainless Steel Bar, the slower the practice, but the magic roar seems to be an exception. Gao Feng found that his forward speed was almost the same as before. In that case, won't it take only a few years to break through to the realm of the Imperial Sword? "No wonder it can create two generations of demons." Gao Feng was frightened in her heart.


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