Excalibur Without Light

Knowing that he had made a mistake, Zhuo Wendi laughed it off and asked, "Did Master Sang give me some advice?" Sang Tian leaned over and said, "Take care of the house first, sister-in-law. I have something to discuss with you." When Zhuo Wendi saw the shopkeeper standing in the distance, he waved and said, "Shopkeeper, do you have a quiet room?" "How many rooms do you always want?" The man approached. "One room is enough," said Jody. "But you need two beds. Go to the room for dinner." The man led the way to the upper room, and Sangtian followed him in. After entering the room, Zhuo Wendi waved his hand to let Sang Tian sit down and said, "Master Sang, please say something." The waiter didn't dare to listen in, so he took the door out. Then Sangtian opened his mouth and said, "Sister-in-law, I am also a one-legged flower in name only. In recent years, I don't even wear rags. However, I will never lose my'iron rice bowl '. At the same time, Sister-in-law is also a swordswoman who plays the game of wind and dust. We can be said to be like-minded. Therefore, I have a business to ask Sisters-in-law to join hands." Zhuo Wendi saw that he said a lot of reasons to pull the relationship. He wanted to laugh and asked, "What business does Master Sang have?" Sang Tian didn't even have time to think about it. He coughed and said, "Sister-in-law,304 Stainless Steel Bar, have you ever seen Niu Qiang break through three passes?" Stunned, Zhuo Wendi said to himself, "Niu Qiang seemed to be following the dart cart that day." He nodded and said, "This man is a gambler. I've seen him before. How about that?" "I saw him and a cold and haughty young man pass by here today," said Sang Tian. "They had two horses with four leather bags on their backs. I think there must be something wrong with the bags." "What does the boy look like?" Asked Zhuo Wendi? Long eyebrows and phoenix eyes, handsome and extraordinary? Sang Tian shook his head and said, "No, there is a scar on the young man's left face, and his complexion is yellowish." Zhuo Wendi suddenly smiled faintly and said,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, "Then I guess wrong. Why is there a problem?" "I noticed that their men were covered with thick dust," said Sangtian. "This proves that they don't have a lot of gold and silver around them. It's a hidden treasure. Zhuo Wendi said with a smile, "Does Master Sang mean he wants to do it?" "Yes!" Mulberry field also simply! Zhuo Wendi said with a smile, "Why didn't you stare at Master Sang?" "I'm weak," said Sang Tian. "I can only level with Niu Qiang. I can't keep an eye on him." Zhuo Wendi laughed and said, "Where could Niu Qiang and the boy have landed tonight?" "They're going to leave for Huairou tonight," said Sangtian. "But I must tell you first," said Zhuo Wendi. "It's all right to join hands. But I'm not the eldest sister-in-law of the bamboo basket. My name is Wen Ergu. People call me'Feng Gao Nu Qi '. People who know me don't want to join hands with me to do business. Today you are my colleague. I have to say it first so as not to complain afterwards." When Sang Tian heard this, he suddenly stood up and said, "You didn't tell the truth until you got my news." Zhuo Wendi laughed and said, "I can only blame you for your carelessness. I have never admitted that I am the sister-in-law of the bamboo basket." "I'm afraid you can't take it all for yourself," said Sangtian angrily. "I'm leaving." Zhuo Wendi laughed and said, "You found out the news. I let you do it first!" How could Sangtian believe it? He left the shop immediately. It was obvious that he wanted to find someone reliable. The youngest girl said to Jody, "Miss, shall we go on the road at night?" "Eat before you go, Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe ,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe," said Jody. When the store brings in the food. Expected that mulberry field really found four companions into the shop, but he did not come to Zhuo Wendi to argue anything, only in his own room to take a bag of luggage. After that, he and his companions left in a hurry. Of course, none of the companions he was looking for was a turtle. When he got to the street, he said solemnly, "Four of you, we have to say something first. If we get the deal, I'll share it with you." One of them, chubby, said with a straight face, "It's the old rule. It's not the first time for us. Brother Sang still wants to mention it." "Good," said Sangtian. While Wen is still in the shop, we have to rush to Huairou City with all our strength. Five people hurried out of the city, to the outside of the city on the Gong ran. It was not far from Miyun to Huairou. They had just passed the third watch when they crossed the city. But suddenly three dark shadows stopped them. One of them shouted, "Who are they?" Sang Tian is in front, see: "The front but 'Wu Tai 3 leopard' '?". " The three shadows seemed to see the five of them, and one of them said, "That's Brother Sangtian!" Sang Tian stepped forward and said softly, "There are also the Four Swallow Eagles. You are not friends." Youyan Siying is a famous figure in Hebei Province. Although they are sworn brothers, they are treated equally in Jianghu because of their equal reputation. Therefore, they are named "Golden-eyed Eagle". "Red Eye Eagle", "Flower Wing Eagle", "Iron Claw Eagle" and other names, they are in order of age, one is Nie Kong, two are Longfeng, three are Lisi, four are Dongsheng, martial arts are first-class masters, behavior is also evil and good, others can not tell whether they are white or black. Wutai Sanbao is very popular in Shanxi. They have a little brain, which may be called Jianghu experience. They eat what they should eat, but they don't even spit out the bones. First, the "leopard without tail" is fertile, and he has a lot of wisdom. Second, the "leopard with big tail" is like Jackie Chan. He has a shortcoming. He has no shelter in his words and likes to brag. Third, the "Leopard with three tails" is like four tigers. He is fierce as fire, fierce as a lion, and his body is full of wounds. They bumped heads this time, which is a rare thing. The head of the three leopards, Wo Ye, greeted the four eagles and asked Sang Tian, "Brother Sang and the others went to Huairou late at night. Is it because of Niu Qiang?" "Exactly," said Nie Kong, the golden-eyed eagle. "Brother Wo found out, too?" "They didn't set up shop in the city," said Woye! We were making inquiries about the two men, and just now we got the news that they were working day and night. "If you three are interested," said Sangtian,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, "how about we go after them together?" "That's great," said Wo Ye. "We're worried about our lack of strength." This time the eight men were of the same mind. They went up to the house and rushed across the city from the top of the tile, still running forward. sxthsteel.com


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