Forcing Marriage Step by Step: a Snatched Husband

The man's fingers gradually forced, even scratched her scalp, causing her tears to fall more turbulent, "use your brain to think, what else can you do besides playing the piano, drawing, arranging flowers and cooking?"? Even in bed, you are as stupid as a wooden fish. Women think you are too stupid to find a man to support you after you leave me? Do you think you are still eighteen years old, as young as a flower, and someone will marry you and bring a drag oil bottle? This is not right, even though Wen Man is twenty-seven, but both the skin and figure are first-class good, even the hands are white and soft like a girl. She was a flower raised in a greenhouse. She had not been exposed to any wind and rain. She could not stand it. Before she married him, she was protected by the Wen family. After she married him, even in the past five years, she had not suffered much. He was sure that such a man could not leave him, and now there was a son in the middle. Wen Man was said by him a burst of humiliation, hard to push the man who almost pressed on his body, "Gu Ze, you are a bastard, I am born superior and have not tasted the sufferings of the world, I want the life of a lady who has no worries about food and clothing, I can marry a man arranged by my parents, you know I married you because I love you, why do you say that about me?"? Didn't you marry me because I was the eldest daughter of the Wen family? As soon as the words fell,Magnesium Oxide price, she was shocked by her own words, and the accusations she blurted out seemed to have been realized by herself. Yes, it was like this from the very beginning. She married him because she loved him, and he married her because of her life experience. This man is a mercenary businessman in his bones, and she has seen it clearly. Tearful face suddenly smiled, Wrist fell on the armrest of the sofa, White wrist and dark sofa form a bright color contrast, "I am not know the world of suffering Miss, No survival distress and struggle, I will only play the piano painting these useless things,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, I can't even raise myself." She looked up at the man with half of his face hidden in the shadows. "You look down on women like me, don't you?"? Cowardly and useless, so you like Tang Ningnuan, even if she is the illegitimate daughter of a woman sitting on the stage, even if she is a murderer, but she is the one who tries to live or even survive by all means in your eyes. Same kind, so you love her. The same kind pity the same kind, the same kind only then understands the same kind, Tang Ningnuan understands him, she does not understand. That's the difference. That's the reason. Gu Ze dared to kneel half beside her and imprison her body between the sofas. He smiled faintly and indifferently. "After so much introspection, what conclusion did you come to, huh?" Wen Man bit his lip, looking at the man's face with a faint smile, still unable to stop the fear, the body can not stop trembling, "Gu Ze, you do not need me and do not need the Wen family, dap diammonium phosphate ,Magnesium Oxide powder," she sobbed, it is not easy to hold back the tears poured out again, "I beg you.. Let's get a divorce. There was only one light in the drawing-room, which was not bright, and the light and darkness scattered on her face, revealing a silent despair. She was so sad and desperate, as if the emotions she had endured for many years had finally burst out, and Gu Ze looked at her face, which could not be wiped dry with tears, and even thought calmly in her mind that the woman who lived to this day could only cry for love was like this. He leaned close to her ear, thin lips with a light arc, "I only answer this question once, divorce, I do not intend to do so, understand?" Wen Man has not yet reacted, she looked at him dull, she really do not understand why Gu Ze did not give her the opportunity to think and refute questioning, with a cool finger has been rude to open her clothes. Her whole body shrank for a moment, and she wanted to retreat, but there was no room to dodge under the man's body. Gu Ze's eyes were so calm that they were terrible, but under his gentle and elegant eyebrows, they were so cool that people felt cold in their hearts. Her knees were pressed on her legs, and all her struggles and resistance became ridiculous. His rude movements made Wen Man cry even more. She held back her sobs, "Gu Ze." Don't do this, I beg you, don't do this. Others do not know, those who do not know him, will only feel that this man is gentle, polite, a handsome face more than he is a full Confucian businessman, even if he can sacrifice his marriage by any means, temperament is still not contaminated with the slightest dirty stink of money. The older you are, the more mature and quiet you are. She was the only one who knew how bad he was in private. Even in bed, he was rude. He didn't look gentle at all. He was more like a gangster who fought in the street. Every time he had to make her cry and beg him. The next day, he even got up with hickeys all over his body. Gu Ze ignored her tears and resistance, took off her clothes and forced her body to turn over and lie on the sofa in a humiliating position. He bit her ear from behind, with a smiling voice that was cold to the bone. "You know my temper. Only by obeying and cooperating with me can I suffer less. You are the only one who suffers from my temper again, eh?" The clothes on her body were deliberately stripped off by Gu Ze, all thrown on the ground, she wanted to drive a thing to cover the body, but the fierce man dressed neatly, dyed with desire/look at the eyes so that his whole person looks like a bird/beast, she felt that she was a woman who could only be used by him to vent yuwang. She cried desperately struggling, "Gu Ze you roll, don't touch me, I don't want you to touch me." The woman cried hoarse and pitiful, full of strength to struggle to push, her cat-like strength in Gu Ze's eyes even tickle is not enough, how can care, she did not even scratch people nails. Cold low laugh, holding her buttocks directly forced into her body, Wen Man was suddenly huge support pain, tears brush all gushed out, "pain." Gu Ze, "she gasped in pain and cried out his name," it hurts. " Obviously husband and wife,Magnesium Oxide MgO, every time he did ai, he had to do the same as rape, especially this time he was angry and did not intend to consider her feelings at all.


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