God King of the Ten Directions Author: Sleepy Dragon ( [Fantasy Novel])

Lin Tian's eyes were slightly congealed, and he urged Ren Tianzun, the place of enlightenment, to meet him in front of him. There was another roar, and Lin Tian and the old man of the Shen family took a step back. Such a scene moved the other four elders of the Shen family. As soon as you enter the realm of Yu Kong, you can have such fighting power. Is it some kind of king's body? One of them is humane. Together, suppress him as quickly as possible! The other man spoke. The four of them nodded and walked together, pressing Lin Tian together with the first strong man who rushed out of the Shen family. Lin Tian's eyes congealed. Although his fighting power is amazing now, it is impossible for him to deal with five strong people at the peak of the air realm at the same time. As soon as his mind moved, dozens of arrows flew back and were collected in the stone ring. After that, he swept out the ninth sword of the burning sun, and his body quickly retreated toward the rear, several feet away in one step. Stop him! The eyes of the five members of the Shen family are cold. Five people are extremely fast, just like five rays of sunshine, chasing Lin Tian. Lin Tian sneered, "Don't bother. If I want to go, can you stop me?" He practiced two instruments, which can be called the supreme body method. As soon as he started, his speed increased several times in vain. In a twinkling of an eye, he threw the five members of the Shen family dozens of feet away. Shen family five people change color, never thought, Lin Tian's speed unexpectedly can be so fast, they unexpectedly have less than! Just then, in the depths of the Shen family, a more terrible breath rushed up. Trembling in the void, a huge hand of divine light poked out from the depths of the Shen family, blocking the sun, and in a twinkling of an eye came near, covering the whole of Lin Tian in it. Lin Tian was moved: "Divine power?!" Divine power is the power of the strong in fairyland. At this moment, the Shen family has the existence of fairyland to attack him. It's the master of the house! The five members of the Shen family looked happy. The great handprint of divine light covers ten directions, just like the giant of light stretching out his big hand, which is horrible and frightening. Lin Tian naturally felt the terrible power contained in this big hand,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, and a trace of coolness appeared on his back. However, he was not afraid of this. He clenched his fist in his right hand, rattled his fingers, and smashed his fist at Shenguang's big hand. "Dong!" There was a loud noise in the void, and the divine light flooded all around. Lin Tian took advantage of the situation and retreated, turning into a dark shadow shooting into the distance, only a sneer came: "This is just the beginning." The five members of the Shen family stood in the void, their faces particularly ugly. Five of them together, the master of fairyland is to release a trace of divine power, but unexpectedly left a monk in the early days of the imperial sky, this face is a big loss! The five of them looked back at the tragic situation in the Shen family. Almost one fifth of the clan land had been destroyed, and their faces were even more gloomy. Damn Five men gritted their teeth and clenched their fists. The family has been handed down for thousands of years, and has been friendly with the major forces. Has it ever been so humiliated! …… Leaving the land of the Shen family, Lin Tian felt a little more comfortable, and he breathed a bad breath. It's a pity that there was no onlooker, and it didn't make the Shen family lose face to the extreme. He said to himself. After thinking about it, he looked in several other directions: "Nine major religions, Magnesium Oxide price ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, go to the meeting one by one." Touching his chin, he smiled at the corners of his mouth and said, "This time we have to bring some onlookers, so that it will be more interesting." Not long after, he appeared on a road without concealment, which surprised many monks who came and went on the road. Many people stared at Lin Tian, pointing and muttering in a low voice. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to lead a few good shows, and anyone who wants to go and see them together will follow me. Lin Tiandao. With that, regardless of the reaction of these casual practitioners, he walked towards the distance by himself. A good show? "What does this guy want?" "You're not going to the other two strongholds of the Bai family, are you?"? There are a few top masters of the Royal Sky coming there. "No, this is not the direction of those in Haotian District." "It doesn't seem to be, it." Forget it, follow me! Everyone has curiosity, especially Lin Tian now the name spread throughout the second day domain, the limelight, such a person said to lead a few good plays, naturally attracted many monks, even if there are a large group of people to follow up. Lin Tian walked into the distance, looked back, and smiled. Instead of walking in the air, he walked completely on foot in the established direction. Along the way, he met many casual practitioners. With the same words, more monks followed him and wanted to see what kind of play he was going to play. Soon, the day passed. In one day, Lin Tian had been followed by three or four hundred people, including casual practitioners and disciples of some small sects. On this day, he walked out of the main road, entered a fairy mountain, and came to a grand religious gate. This Zhenwu Dajiao! "What the hell?" "Several big religious people are looking for him. What is this guy doing here?" Many people stared. The gate of Zhenwu Dajiao is magnificent, three feet high, resplendent in gold and jade, and amazing in gas state. As far as the eye can see, inside the courtyard, there are palaces and main peaks. On the surface, they are more immortal than the Shen family. At this time, in front of Zhenwu Dajiao Gate, a disciple noticed the crowd here and walked towards this side with a calm face. Who are you waiting for to get together to teach me Zhenwu University? Do you want to.. As soon as the words stagnated, the disciple suddenly saw Lin Tian in front of the crowd, and his face changed directly: "Lin, Lin, Lin.." It's you. Lin Tian has killed hundreds of people, even the seven heroes of the ancient Bai family have been killed, where can ordinary people not be afraid? Seeing Lin Tian, the disciple of Zhenwu Dajiao ran back and shouted, "Somebody, Lin.." Lin Tiansha is coming! "What?" "Lin Tian is here?" "Is that Lin Tian who controls the army?" Many disciples of Zhenwu University have changed their colors. Suddenly, many people rushed out of the courtyard, and then saw Lin Tian. All of a sudden, everyone changed color. How dare you come here! These people are shocked. This is the place where Zhenwu Dajiao is established. There are strong immortals in charge. Lin Tian rushed here unexpectedly, which made many disciples of Zhenwu Dajiao stare. Immediately,Magnesium Oxide powder, someone's eyes showed a cold light. What a death wish! Someone said. At a glance, a disciple of Zhenwu Sect rushed to the sect, apparently to report to the strong people in the sect. stargrace-magnesite.com


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