Wu Song

The storm did not have the arrogance of the clamor just now. With a little timidity and a little fear, he smiled cautiously at Xia Jie and said, "Brother Tiger, I don't think you're here to trouble me, are you?"? I can swear on the souls of my ancestors that I have never taken anyone to plunder your people in Daxia, which is the work of my brothers and cousins. Well, you're certainly not here to trouble me, or you wouldn't have brought only a thousand people here. As if he had found the answer that could make him feel at ease, the storm laughed triumphantly. His smile is full of relaxed and comfortable, Xia Jie they certainly do not come to find their own trouble, who would be foolish enough to use more than a thousand people to find their own tens of thousands of people in trouble? Xin could not see the obscene smile on Storm's face. He said coldly, "How many people do you need to deal with you?"? As I wave my hand, there is not even a live bird left within a radius of thousands of miles. Do you believe it or not? If you don't believe me, how about I try my hand now? The faces of the old witch and the storm frowned together, indescribably ugly. The old sorcerer glared angrily at the storm and beat him back a dozen steps with a crutch. Then, with a smile on his face, he begged for mercy and said,heavy duty rack manufacturers, "This big sorcerer is joking. How can we not believe it?"? Haven't we seen what you can do in that basin just now? Hey hey, '60' ten thousand soldiers were easily knocked down by you, where to try again? Carefully to Xin this untouchable aunt to deal with the past, the old witch brought the topic back to the question just now: "So, lieutenant you are not deliberately looking for our trouble?"? So, don't know this time you pretend to be a caravan to come to our southern wilderness,shuttle rack system, is it really to do business with us? The storm jumped out again and poked his head behind the old witch and said, "Help me kill my brothers and cousins. You can do whatever you want." The old sorcerer hit Storm on the head with a crutch and whispered, "Shut up! How could they help you do these things?" The old sorcerer knew in his heart that if Xing Tian Dafeng was a member of the caravan, it would be all right to bribe them to kill the barbarian king. It was just a deal. But Xing Tian Dafeng was a general of Daxia, so it was impossible to bribe them to do these things. It had become politics. To put it simply, if the storm really ascended the throne with the help of their strength, then the southern barbarian country was almost finished, and would certainly be held by them. Xing Tianxuan leech, however, hit the snake on the pole and immediately approached the old witch. His cold face squeezed out a cheeky smile: "How did Wu Gong know we wouldn't help?"? Daxia, southern barbarians, is the state of brothers, heavy duty cantilever racks ,radio shuttle racking, help their brothers to do something, what is it? Not the second brother of Xing Tian, I boast that as long as our big witch Xin flicks his finger, he will ensure that your king and all those who have the right to inherit the throne die cleanly, and that no one can find any trace. The words let the storm a little dumbfounding, brothers of the people, is to help brothers kill their own father and brother? Just then, there was a sudden noise outside, and a dozen strong men dripping with water, wiping their faces and cursing loudly, rushed into the cave. They didn't see the figure clearly either, so they shouted loudly, "Storm, Your Majesty has given the order. The mountains are haunted badly recently. Your Majesty knows that you are weak, and he is afraid that you will be caught by ghosts. He wants you to go to Your Majesty's mountain city with Qingzhao Wu Gong.". Damn, we met those ghosts on the way. They ran so fast that several brothers were scratched. Mutu's eyes suddenly lit up, and his blue eyes flashed with a trace of blood. He looked at Xia Jie fiercely and said, "It's those traitors." Xia Jie looked at Xing Tian Dafeng and Xing Tian Xuanzhi. Xing Tian Dafeng touched his chin and nodded. Xing Tian Xuanzhi made a silent gesture of cutting his neck. Xin is suddenly sent out a series of silvery tiny smile, seems to be in a very good mood. I don't think she has much chance to poison a king, but this is a rare opportunity to practice. In particular, the great witches of the southern barbarian countries have their own unique skills, if they can poison the royal family of the barbarian countries under the eyes of these great witches, for Xin, this vanity is enough for her to be complacent for several months. In the confusion, without waiting for the old sorcerer named Qing to raise a word of objection, Baofeng and Xia Jie had reached an agreement and each made an oath in the name of the soul of their ancestors: Xia Jie led the caravan to help Baofeng remove all obstacles to his accession to the throne, and put all the blame on Cain's people. Then Baofeng guaranteed the profits of Xia Jie's caravan and the friendly relations with Daxia in the future. Storm even took the initiative to propose that if Xia Jie needed it in the future, his troops could be at Xia Jie's disposal. Having made such a blood oath, Xia Jie could not help sighing with emotion: "You are indeed a real playboy. You have sold your country so actively and so thoroughly. Even your own father and relatives have sold it all at one go." But he had a deep doubt in his heart: "If the storm is doing this for his own power and position, why does this sorcerer, who is called Qingzhao, let the storm do this?"? Could it be that Qingzhao and the old mother of the storm have a dirty affair? That is to say, but the storm, according to the orders of the barbarian king, took thousands of the most elite subordinates overnight, together with Xia Jie, toward the barbarian king's own mountain city. At this time, he played his unique skills as a barbarian sorcerer. He used all his sorcery power to summon all kinds of spirits and ghosts from the surrounding mountains. They turned into a group of dark wind and fog. Wrapped in the team,metal racking systems, they traveled through the night. As a result, it took only three or two days to arrive at Chiyou City, the largest mountain city in the southern mountains. kingmoreracking.com


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