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"Brother Yue's words are reasonable. Thank you for reminding me that my younger brother almost caused a disaster." The young man thanked him, glanced at the array, shook his head slightly and said, "So the man who went in just now is probably one of the holy sons.". Hey, these holy sons are also very lucky. They are gifted and cultivated by the clan. Their strength and cultivation conditions are much better than those of other clansmen. "But unfortunately, it is also unfortunate that in order to reach the height of strength that is beyond the reach of the deification period, we have to choose some means of exercise beyond our ability, resulting in serious casualties.". With this extreme magic deep, originally called the Demon Cave, it is a natural dangerous place, transformed by the powerful predecessors of the clan, as an extreme exercise way for a small number of core clansmen to break through the physical limit. "And this place is already very dangerous for the people of the refining period.". Apart from those monks who have been trapped by bottlenecks for a long time and are unable to advance to the middle and later stages of refining, few people are willing to take risks here. "However, these holy sons, though powerful, have to enter here only when they are in the period of deification. They are simply asking for their own death!" The middle-aged man also echoed with a slight change in his face: "That's right. Not only that, I also heard that there are many sage-kings who use special means to greatly enhance the strength of their sons in a short time for the sake of immediate interests.". Although it is hopeful to get a better place in the battle of the holy sons, there are many holy sons who overdraw too much and lose the potential to continue to advance, so they can't step into the empty period of refining all their lives. Comparatively speaking, although you and I have not become holy sons, we are lucky to advance and become demons, which is better than those holy sons. "Brother Yue, I don't know one thing all the time. Since it involves the allocation of resources and other important matters of interest, the sage-kings can discuss and decide by themselves. Why is it decided by the ranking results of these sage-sons?"? And this regulation has existed for tens of thousands of years. Why? The young man frowned and asked the doubts that had been hidden in his heart for many years. Feng Laodi, although the elder brother has been practicing for more than a thousand years than you, he doesn't know the reason at all. The Great Sage King never says much about this. I'm afraid it's not so simple, because other holy clans also have similar rules like the Holy Son Competition. Hey, you and I just need to do our part, these big things in the clan,MBR reactor, and when you and I reach the level of the holy king one day, we can touch some fur! The middle-aged man shook his head slightly with a sigh, and his eyes looked meaningfully in the direction of the seven sage-kings. The young man said no more, but he did not know what to think of, and looked at the law array beside him in a trance. At this time, the middle-aged man quietly retracted his hand into his sleeve and gently crushed a delicate jade amulet. Zhao to fly into the black gas rolling in the magic deep, slowly falling, that kind of terrible breath more and more obvious. Repair for the profound place, has been faint to the danger and other environments have some predictive induction, although not a prophet, but at this time the breath is not groundless. Descending about a thousand feet, Zhao suddenly saw a ray of light, and at the same time he also sensed that there was a dark red light curtain, which was a common one-way portal in the demon world. See this light curtain of a moment, Zhao in the heart is a Rin. This curtain of light flows with dark red light, disc air diffuser ,multi disc screw press, like extremely sticky blood, which makes people shudder. And that terrible breath came from the light curtain. Above the light curtain, there are four big characters with dark red light, which are the four characters of "Extreme Magic Deep" in the Jinkui clan. Obviously, this light curtain is the entrance to the extreme magic abyss. With a sigh, Zhao waved his hands and stirred the magic around him into a big whirlpool, then sank into the surface of his body, forming a layer of armor flowing with black light, and then still flashed into the light curtain. Zhao to enter the light curtain, suddenly appeared in a cave in the air, his body's magic armor disappeared, and he himself, almost can not mobilize the slightest magic! "Shit!" Unable to mobilize the magic gas, Zhao at this time, even flying in the air can not do, after a cry of surprise, Zhao straight down. He was more than twenty feet high from the ground, and now he had no magic gas to protect his body and lost his magic power. If he fell so high, wouldn't he directly hurt his internal organs? The falling Zhao bent his body into a ball in midair, and at the moment of touching the ground, one side of his body rolled out dozens of feet on the ground before he slowly resolved the force of the fall and stood up rather awkwardly. His body was strong, and although the rubble he smashed on the hard rock floor flew around, leaving a clear mark, he himself was safe and sound. Zhao tried to mobilize the whole body again, but all of them were ineffective, and as expected, they were completely imprisoned. It is no wonder that this place is chosen to establish a place to exercise the limits of the body. Demon gas can not be mobilized, it can only rely on the physical body through these five layers of difficulties! Zhao frowned and secretly said in his heart. In this small cave, there are seven or eight fist-sized "blood sun stones" shining with dark red light, which shine the cave red, very strange. Through this light, Zhao saw that the cave was empty except for a big light curtain that also shone with blood. And this light curtain, obviously is the portal leading to the first test, must break through all five layers, in order to leave here, otherwise, he will stay in this extreme magic deep forever! Volume VII Demon Wind and Cloud Chapter 518 Save the Day "With a deep sigh, Zhao Di walked into the bloody light curtain with a decisive look on his face." Very cold Zhao's first reaction was a shiver all over his body, and then he found himself in a narrow passage, with a few feet behind him, a rock wall, and in front of him, a vast expanse of white ice and snow, emitting a trace of extremely cold white gas. It seems that there are other prohibitions here, even the divine consciousness can not be too far away from the body, can only wander within a hundred feet, which makes Zhao very uncomfortable. Suddenly,Rotating sludge scraper, a white cold ran into Zhao's calf, and in an instant it solidified into a mass of ice around it, freezing Zhao's legs and spreading upward. khnwatertreatment.com


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