The ordinary life of a genius

He has just read a brief news, saying that Thailand's trade deficit this year has increased compared with the previous year, and the proportion of current trade deficit in GDP has increased again. Although no specific figures have been released, Zhu Siqi guessed that it would not be low. Originally, the Thai government should have devalued the Thai Railway to increase its export competitiveness, but Zhu Siqi called the bank and asked that the Thai Railway was still appreciating, so it would be strange if there was not a large outflow of domestic funds! Just suffer from the lack of information in hand, just after Long Aotian left with Xu Yingjie, he went outside to make a phone call to Tang Mengmei, let him add a few more people to Thailand to investigate the situation, once the implementation of Longxing company next year's focus may be shifted to Thailand. Seeing them coming, Zhu Siqi casually transferred the TV station to an entertainment festival, but in fact, the two of them are far from being able to understand the news in Thai. You two don't seem to understand Thai very well, do you? Zhu Siqi asked deliberately. Apart from the basic spoken language, the rest is really not very good, but the country will send us a translator right away,Lamella Plate Settler, maybe it will arrive in a few days. Xu Yingjie said. No wonder you didn't make any progress a few days ago, but it's very troublesome to send a translator from China. Why not transfer one of your local people? In that way, you will be more familiar with the land, and it will be much more convenient to do things. Zhu Siqi said. We don't know. We just follow the instructions. Long Aotian smiled. Zhu Siqi moved his body for a moment and changed to a more comfortable posture. At this time he in the room all about "Zhu Siqi" objects are not, see Long Aotian and Xu Yingjie in the display of their salute also did not respond, they like how to toss about let them go. But unexpectedly,rapid sand filters, the two of them seemed to have no interest in understanding Zhu Siqi's identity, which was beyond Zhu Siqi's surprise. I want to go shopping in the afternoon. Do you want to go together? Zhu Siqi, who had been watching TV in his room all morning and was really bored, suggested. I have nothing to do, but I'm not familiar with this place, and there's nothing interesting to do. The dragon is proud of the way of heaven. You two go. I haven't had a good rest these days. I'll sleep in my room in the afternoon. Xu Yingjie said. At lunch, there was a problem again. Zhu Siqi meant to eat in the restaurant below, but Xu Yingjie dared not take the state's money as a joke. He thought he could just go out and find a stall to eat. At this time, three people stood at the door of the restaurant on the second floor. It doesn't matter if you go out to eat one or two meals, but if all the meals are there, won't people suspect it? The hotel you are staying in now is not a low-grade hotel. It is the most high-end hotel in Bangkok. Its status here can be equal to that of Diaoyutai Hotel in Beijing. Have you ever been to Diaoyutai Hotel to eat at the stalls outside every day? Zhu Siqi asked. Why don't we go a little further? Xu Yingjie still doesn't give up. Zhu Siqi raised his head as if to tell others that he was not familiar with him. I think we should eat here for the time being. Next time, we should eat separately. We can eat whatever we want. What do you think? Long Aotian mediated. I think I'll eat here, fine bubble diffuser ,disc air diffuser, and you can go out to eat, otherwise you'll have to borrow money from me when you have no money to go back! Zhu Siqi giggled. Forget it, let's go in together! Isn't it just a meal? Captain Tang will definitely report it. Xu Yingjie finally said. In that case, it's your treat this time? Zhu Siqi deliberately said, looking at Xu Yingjie. OK Xu Yingjie gritted his teeth. Zhu Siqi laughs in the heart, this kind of feeling is too cool, when he sees the price when waiting to check out, do not know how his facial expression will be? Three people finally went in, found a window seat, Xu Yingjie and Long Aotian are sitting very well, the eyes can just see the entrance, and the position of the table is not far from the back door, it is really professional! But these are useless for Zhu Siqi, his perception does not need these. In order to be cautious, he also scanned the whole restaurant with perception. The restaurant in the hotel is very large. There are dozens of boxes in the innermost part, and there are several kinds of restaurants. If you sit at the same time, you can accommodate more than one thousand people at the same time. As soon as Zhu Siqi's perception was released, he immediately found that there was a situation, and the invisible momentum seemed to be very sensitive to his perception. Because he usually keeps his perception one or two meters away from his side, he really didn't find this big fish. He immediately found his target, in a small box inside, with three people at the same time, two men and two women, but the two women can "see" at a glance that they are social butterflies or something. Zhu Siqi sat down quietly, and after ordering a few dishes casually, he did not notice that Xu Yingjie's face changed with the dishes he ordered one by one, and finally reached the point of becoming red. I'm going to the bathroom! Then he left them both and left. Deliberately passing by the door of the box, after dealing with it casually in the bathroom, he came out immediately, and when he returned to the table, he found that Xu Yingjie's face was a little wrong, and asked hurriedly: What's the matter, not feeling well? Everything was fine just now! You.. Don't you know the price of the dish you ordered just now? Although I don't know Thai, Arabic numerals are used all over the world. I thought about the dish you ordered just now. It's more than 10,000 baht. It's thousands of yuan in RMB. Xu Yingjie simply gnashed his teeth. I thought it was something. If you think it's too expensive, I'll treat you this time. Zhu Siqi said lightly. That's what you said! When Xu Yingjie heard this, his face immediately became normal, faster than his face! "Of course, no problem,lamella clarifer, it's just." Zhu Siqi deliberately did not go on. Just what? Long Ao Tiandao. I think I just saw that Arnolton. Zhu Siqi whispered. Ture? Where Xu Yingjie exulted. He didn't expect to have a clue so soon after following the number one. But Zhu Siqi did not speak, deliberately looking around, eyes are not looking at Xu Yingjie.


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