You are beautiful when you smile (e-sports)

"The official Weibo is almost crowded," she looked at Lu Sicheng cautiously, and then whispered, "everyone is asking for an explanation, what should we do now? This is certainly not to play dead and not reply to the past. As soon as Guan Bo Niang's words fell, Lu Yue, who had been eating Wangwang Snow Cake in the corner of the sofa, stopped, raised his eyes and glanced at Mingshen, who did not speak. Lu Yue wanted to pick up his cell phone to see what those people had said. As soon as he raised his hand, the girl who spoke raised her hand and pressed the cell phone: "Lu Yue, you'd better not look at it. There are few good words." Lu Yue put down his cell phone with a black face. Lu Sicheng raised his foot and kicked him: "Do you regret it?"? At that time, I told you that professional players are also half public figures, and their words and deeds are different from those in school. Let you restrain yourself from harming others and yourself. With a snack in his mouth, Lu Yue raised his hands and covered his ears with an expressionless face. Lu Sicheng kicked him again. Xiao Rui, the manager of the team, was silent from the beginning to the end: "First of all,Dissolved Gas Flotation, it must be directed at Lu Yue. He just returned to the club after the suspension, and someone released the video. It was obvious that he did not want him to come back by using the media public opinion.." Xiao Rui paused and continued: "This video is only available to our internal people. To be honest, why was the news closed so well at that time?"? Because there are absolutely no more than 20 people who have seen and touched this video, plus KTV's own staff and the police. The security guards and the police of KTV are all middle-aged people in their thirties and forties. They come to see that this has nothing to do with e-sports. It's just a group of young people fighting, and the rest are the people of our club. The people of the JK team, the people of the JK team, certainly did not dare to release these videos,Belt Filter Press, because in terms of public opinion suppression, the release of these videos was not good for them at all. At that time, it was the result of everyone's discussion to suppress the matter, and they were even more eager than we were. Nursery rhyme: "Why?"? Didn't Lu Yue hit the man first? Lu Sicheng: "But they hit back." Nursery rhyme: "Justified Defense?" Lu Sicheng: "Legitimate defense is not used in this way. Did you watch the video? At first, these people wanted to subdue Lu Yue, hold him down, and snatch the lethal weapon in his hand. This is called legitimate defense. Later, they beat him with their backhands. This is called affray." Lu Sicheng glanced at Lu Yue and said, "In my opinion, I deserve it." Lu Yue pulled his lips indifferently and turned his head away. Xiao Rui made a gesture to ask Lu Sicheng not to speak first, but said lightly: "So this matter is done by our own people. I don't know who it is. I hope you can stand up by yourself, and then we can speak our own words and solve this matter well. Now there are rumors outside, lamella tube ,rotary vacuum disc filters, and everyone is standing on the cusp of the storm. If we are not United enough internally, there must be a big event." Xiao Rui's words just fell. Xiaopang touched his stomach and said without expression, "I sent the video." Everyone was silent. Nursery rhyme silently held down his chin, did not expect Xiao Pang to admit so readily, did not expect that the video was really sent by him. Why the fight? Why drag down Mingshen? Why drag down the team? Xiaopang frowned, showing the kind of contemptuous eyes for the first time. "A bottle of wine is very handsome, isn't it? Hehe, when you had a bad temper, you were so handsome when you played ten times at the gate of the middle school, but later I was not like this, why?"? Because I know I'm a professional player, I have my teammates behind me, my boss, the club, and the whole e-sports circle.. Xiaopang heaved a sigh of relief: "To put it in a small way, because of you, Mingshen's career has come to an end. If you can't go to the global finals of the S Department, the whole team's efforts for a year will be wasted. To put it in a big way, how does the society look at the e-sports industry now?"? Teenagers with Internet addiction do not do their jobs properly. They only know what is the promise of playing games. I listen to this kind of words every year, but I still can't raise my head when I am tired of listening to them. You explain to a hundred people that we are not like this. Then, as soon as you turn around, there are pig teammates who prove to ten thousand or one hundred thousand people with their actions: You are right. We are a group of waste like you said. Xiaopang stood up and said, "I know it's boring to say this seriously, but that's what I think-I'm very annoyed. What I'm doing is not something shameful, but I can't raise my head all the time. Why?" Small fat language falls, no one speaks for a while. Lu Yue looked at Xiao Pang, but he was not angry, and he could not see any emotion on his face. Lu Sicheng lightly dropped the phrase "too impulsive," while Xiao Rui sighed: "You children." Mingshen frowned and called out to Lu Yue. Lu Yue looked up at him. Mingshen paused and finally stopped looking at Lu Yue as if he had made up his mind. Instead, he looked at Xiao Pang and suddenly said, "Xiao Pang, you've made a mistake. In fact, there are other inside stories about this. Ah Yue was afraid of affecting the rest of you." Lu Yue, who had been paralyzed in the corner, stood up from the sofa: "Yu Ming." Lu Sicheng lifted his foot and kicked him on the knee. He said, "Ow!" His knee was soft and he fell back into the sofa. Lu Sicheng gave Lu Yue a warning look. Then he turned to Ming Shen and said, "I knew it wasn't that simple. Make it clear what happened in those years." …… The story has to start at the end of last summer's game. The zgdx team won the summer championship and sent to the S5 global finals. It was originally a happy thing for everyone. After the game, it was natural to have a celebration banquet. After the celebration banquet, a group of people could not help but go to KTV to sing. Because the next day off,filter nozzle, so we drank some wine, Lu Yue drank too much in the middle, we let a drop of wine did not touch Yu Ming dragged him to the toilet to wash his face sober down.


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