The pink sword startles the eagle

"Tell me," said the black-clad and masked man, "how did you do it?" Wang Guohua said complacently, "I ordered the disciples of Tianzhu Villa to burn down Sanxia Villa and transfer the disaster to the Moyun Cave in Yunwu Mountain. They said it was the Venerable Moyun who did it. I guess the boy surnamed Li will find a Moyun Cave.." "Pooh!" Before he had finished speaking, the masked man gave him a mouthful of "Pooh" and snapped, "Stupid! Like teacher, like student. Fan Kun is already stupid enough, and his apprentice will never be smart. Yes, Li Huaibin will certainly go to find justice, but not necessarily to Moyun Cave. "Where is he looking for?" Asked Wang Guohua in surprise. The masked man in black said, "Tianzhu Villa!" "Why?" Asked Wang Guohua in surprise. The masked man in black said, "Because the Venerable Moyun has already died under the evil spirit of Huai Bin, can he still burn the villagers and kidnap them?" Wang Guohua said with a smile, "Even if he understands, I'm afraid he'll go to the Southern Wilderness." "What was that for?" The masked man asked in surprise. "Because he has already burned the Tianzhu Villa," said Wang Guohua. "He has nothing to burn in the Central Plains." The masked man in black said, "For the sake of caution, I can't rest assured of you. For the sake of our survival, from now on, you will listen to me. Do you understand?" Wang Guohua said slowly,outdoor ficus tree, "I understand, but.." Suddenly he looked intently behind the masked man in black. The masked man in black moved in his heart and looked back sideways. Wang Guohua's eyes suddenly flashed fiercely. Without a sound, lightning came out and hit the right rib of the masked man in black. The masked man in black smiled coldly and said, "I've been on your guard for a long time." As he spoke, he clapped his hands. Wang Guohua's palm was clapping on his right forearm. The masked man in black didn't do much. Wang Guohua's palm was like clapping on a soldering iron. He snorted and dropped his hand. The masked man in black clasped Wang Guohua's throat with his hand, which turned out to be an iron hand. He smiled coldly and said, "Boy,outdoor palm trees, you're far from playing this game with me. Do you want to die?" Wang Guohua could not speak, and his face was red. With a violent push from the masked man in black, Wang Guohua took a few steps and fell to the ground, rubbing his neck with both hands. The masked man in black snorted coldly and said, "Get out!"! Get the hell away from me. In the future, if you act in public but not in private with me and play tricks on me, don't plan to live if I meet you. Even Fan Kun, I won't let you go. Get out of here! Wang Guohua did not even dare to ask who he was. He turned over and climbed up with his neck in his arms and flew out of the forest. Looking at Wang Guohua's discomfited figure, the masked man in black sent out a gruesome and chilling sneer, which flashed into the deep shade of the forest. Huai Bin chased Wang Guohua for a long time, but failed to catch up with him. He returned to the ruins of Sanxia Village and said to the old man with a smile, "It's an old beggar. How did you provoke that boy?" Mo Huai, the shadowless beggar, shrugged his shoulders and spread out his hands, silk olive tree ,large artificial blossom trees, saying, "Beggars beg for food from all directions."? Who dares to mess with a rich old man? ……” Huai Bin said with a smile, "Then why did they come after you? Were their hands and feet dirty when they were begging for food?" The shadowless God begged with a smile and said, "An old beggar can't be so unpromising. This is all a favor from you, Master Yulian." "Beggars," said Huai Bin with a smile, "don't blame me for not being able to get leftovers. It doesn't matter. I can give you an ingot of silver to feed you for three days." "It's not that the beggars can't get anything to eat," begged the shadowless God. "It's that they want to avenge me for taking you to burn down the Tianzhu Villa and killing you to silence you." "Why did he kill you?" Asked Huai Bin. The shadowless God begged, "They secretly set fire to Sanxia Villa, but I happened to meet them.." Huai Bin didn't care about a big fire in Sanxia Village. What he cared about was the whereabouts of Zhang Jing and the three swordsmen of the Xiao family. Hearing this, he stretched out his hand and grasped the shoulder of the shadowless God. "Tell me quickly," he said. "Where are the three swordsmen of the Xiao family?" The shadowless God shrank his shoulders and said, "I'll tell you, Master Li. Don't use so much strength. The old beggar can't stand it.". ” When Huai Bin heard this, he realized that he was in a hurry. He stopped immediately and said with a smile, "I'm sorry. I'm in a hurry. Tell me quickly. How are they?" "They left three days ago," begged the shadowless God. "There were seventeen cars in total. I heard they were moving to the Tianmen Valley." When Huai Bin heard this, he breathed a sigh of relief and said, "That's all right. I think it must be Uncle Zhang's idea.." "You mean old man Zhang," said Mo Huai in a shadowless manner. "He didn't go to Weishan Lake. I heard he went to Nanhuang. I heard he went to look for you. Why are you here?" "What shall we do, Bingge?" Interjected Cai Xiaoyun. "Let's go to Nanhuang, too," said Huai Bin. "Don't let Uncle Zhang take the risk alone." "What about my sister?" Asked Tsai Hsiao-yun. Huai Bin turned to look at the shadowless God and begged Mo Huai. "I have to ask my brother for help," he said. "If you meet a girl who looks like Miss Cai and is with a Taoist nun, please say that we have gone to the Southern Wilderness and ask them to come quickly." The shadowless God nodded and replied, "Well, I'm a beggar anyway. I have nothing to do when I'm full. It's nothing to turn a few words." Huai Bin put his arms around him and said, "Brother Mo, I've thanked you here." As soon as his voice fell, he stretched out his hand and pulled Cai Xiaoyun. Without waiting for the shadowless God to say that he was alive, the two of them flew up and drifted dozens of feet away, disappearing in the depths of the sky in an instant. The shadowless God is good at flying skills in Jianghu. Seeing his figure, he couldn't help feeling a little ashamed. Looking at the direction he was going, he was stunned. Just then, a clear voice sounded behind him, saying, "How dare you stay here after setting fire to someone else's courtyard! Don't go!" When Mo Huai heard this, he looked back and recognized Huan Yi. "My aunt," he said hurriedly, "is my old beggar. I can't do anything." "Farewell to my friends," begged the shadowless God. "Why did you come so late?" "We're tracking Wang Guohua and forcing him to hand over the antidote so we can save Elder Martial Brother," said Ma Gu. The shadowless God pretended to be surprised and said, "What's the matter?"? Daxia Yulian is injured. ?” "He may have been hit by Wang Guohua's'Poisonous Corpse Soul Sand '," said Huan Yiran. When the shadowless God heard this,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, he jumped so high that he said, "Poisonous Corpse Dispelling Soul Sand?"? That's not funny. Why, he doesn't look hurt to me! '.


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