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Although I can't pass on the method of transforming immortals and demons. But I have another specialty that might be right for you. I saw you use ice and fire before, and the heat is very deep. However, there is a clear distinction between the two disciplines, and they are not integrated. I have a water and fire here, which can combine ice and fire into one, far more than any other skill! "Ah!" Lin Xi was overjoyed. "Thank you, Brother!" At the same time, he practiced "Binghuang" and "Lieyang". If Li Shaojun had this kind of immortal learning, he could learn two things. It really suits him to be one. Ha-ha, don't be happy too early. When I'm done. It's not too late for you to decide. Li Shaojun smiled and showed a serious look: "I have had this unique knowledge for some time.". However, I am an evil disciple after all. This water and fire is a unique learning of immortality. Although it is powerful, it is not very suitable for me. I won't hide it from you. Fire and water is actually the unique learning of Dou Shuigong. It was the ancestor of our Demon Gate who knew that I wanted to learn the immortal way and passed it down to me. The Demon Way of our Ten Thousand Demons Ridge, and your Immortal Way, no matter how big or small, are involved in the battle. Some disciples were captured in the middle,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, and some of your unique knowledge of immortality was plundered. When I say fire and water, you may not be very familiar with it, but if I say Yin and Yang, you should understand it, right? Li Shaojun said. The Great Immortal of Yin and Yang?! Lin Xi was startled and looked at Li Shaojun with a look of shock in his eyes. Camilla on the side. There was also a look of shock. What is the Great Immortal of Yin and Yang? The hell dragon came over and said with a confused face. When I get back. Take a look at the copy of the Great World of the Immortal Way that the master put on the table! I usually ask you to see if you don't see it, but now I ask again. As soon as Camilla pushed Motu's dragon head,ultrasonic dispersion machine, she looked like she hated iron but not steel. Lin Xi glanced at Li Shaojun thoughtfully. His knowledge of the great world of immortality is limited. Almost all of them came through the Great World of Xiandao. The Great Immortal of Yin and Yang is just one of the things he knows. The Great Immortal Art of Yin and Yang is one of the unique learning of Dou Shuigong, which belongs to the absolute secret. There is little information circulating outside about the unique learning of these sects. To know a name. That's not bad. Li Shaojun told him that there was only one purpose. "Yin Yang Da Xian Shu" is the unique learning of Dou Shuigong, for this unique learning of Zhenpai. It is absolutely not allowed to spread out. Even if it's just something relevant. If the news of Lin Xi's practice of this skill gets out, there is no doubt that he will be hunted down by Dou Shuigong, and it is definitely not on this scale now! It was also the first time that Lin Xi knew that the Great Immortal Art of Yin and Yang, which had shocked the world, was called Fire and Water at the initial level of Qi refining. Don't think too much. The mental method of the Great Immortal of Yin and Yang is not in my hands, nor have we ever got it. "Water and Fire" is only the method of refining Qi and integrating water and fire. The Great Immortal Art of Yin and Yang, which is the real realm of immortals, is still in the main hall of the head of the Dou Shuigong Palace. The seriousness of the matter is not as serious as you think. Li Shaojun smiled: "However, Dou Shuigong will certainly not allow this method to fall into the hands of other sects.". In addition, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic handheld welder, "Fire and Water" itself is not powerful, it requires practitioners to practice their own profound ice and fire. In fact, according to your situation, the practice of "Fire and Water" is not quite the same as Dou Shuigong's "Fire and Water". So, strictly speaking, it's not stealing from Dou Shuigong. But it must be all you want. There will always be trouble. Li Shaojun said. The matter involves Dou Shuigong's Zhenpai Juexue, even if it's just a brush, it's not a trivial matter. It will attract the attention of Dou Shuigong. Lin Xi is silent. He's been in a lot of trouble these days. However, if you give up this "Fire and Water" now, you will surely regret it later. Before in the plane battlefield, when dealing with the three virtual immortals of the Taiyuan Palace, Lin Xi had already discovered that the place where the "Ice Emperor" and the "Fiery Sun" came into contact was always surprisingly powerful. The body of the "virtual immortal" of the Taiyuan Palace disappeared on the spot. Others are much better. Obviously, when he succeeds in practicing "Fire and Water", his strength will certainly increase! "Ha ha, big brother, you really almost made me waver." Lin Xi shook his head with a smile: "After all, if it is" Yin and Yang Great Immortal ", I do not need it now, it will attract the full pursuit of the palace. But if it's just Fire and Water, there's no need to think about it. Too many lice are not afraid of biting. Even if I don't practice Fire and Water, Dou Shuigong won't let me go. In that case, there is nothing to be afraid of. It is the most practical thing to improve our strength. Lin Xidao. Heh! You can get over it. That's right, it can improve the strength. That's the most practical thing. For Lin Xi's answer, Li Shaojun seems to have expected: "I'll pass on the method of Fire and Water to you now." When Li Shaojun got this "Fire and Water" from Wanmo Ling Demon Ancestor, he also taught it to each other by word of mouth, and there was no secret book. So now passed to Lin Xi, is also taught by word of mouth. Lin Xi's memory is superior, Li Shaojun only said once, immediately remembered. However. For the sake of caution, Lin Xi and Li Shaojun were right again until they were confirmed to be correct. As "Li Shaojun" said, "Water and Fire" itself does not have any power, its role is equivalent to "bridging", its power still depends on the two water and fire skills learned by practitioners. Different combinations of water and fire produce different powers. Even if you are a disciple of Dou Shuigong, the power of practicing Fire and Water at the same time will not be the same. However, it is said that Dou Shuigong is the true disciple of the gate. There is a set of special ice and fire skills, which are practiced by the two secret books,ultrasonic dispersing machine, the Great Immortal Art of Yin and Yang. It is also known as the most powerful "Yin and Yang Immortal Art", which has the power of "reversing time and space, reversing Yin and Yang"! Li Shaojun said:.


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