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When he heard the master's shout, he quickly answered "yes", bent over to pick up the single knife, and retreated together. Bing'er saw that he had only made a "eight-handed fragrance" and shook the three men with a single knife. He was so happy that he looked at them. "Why don't you fight?" He asked with a smile. "The young disciple is no match for your girl," said the old man. "Naturally, you don't have to fight." Binger slanted her head and said, "So you fought with us." Sirius looked up to the sky and laughed like a wolf. "I'm too old to fight with you," he said. "But I do One word to ask you. "What do you want to ask?" Asked Bing. The wolf touched his beard and said, "Who is the little girl's teacher?" "Why are you asking my master?" Asked Bing. "I've just seen a trick you've done," said Sirius. "It looks very familiar. So there is such a question. Bing'er said, "You're talking about the Fragrance of Eight Hands. That's what my master taught me." "Who is the little girl's master?" Asked the old man. "My master has a nickname, the eight-armed golden boy," said Bing'er. "Ha ha!" Sirius old man gave a ha-ha, with a happy look on his face, and said, "Sure enough, it's an old friend of the old man. Girl, this year." Ji, with this achievement, is really better than the blue. The girl's family, who doesn't like to be flattered in person? Ice is no exception, Wen Yan raised his eyebrows and asked diligently: "Are you really a friend of my named master?" "How could I lie to you?" Asked the old man. "Have you ever heard of the four old men of Wulin?" Binger shook her head and said,inflatable water slide, "I don't know!" "That's no wonder," said Sirius. "That was twenty years ago. Of course you don't know. One of the four old men in Wulin One is the eight-armed golden boy of your teacher. At that time, the four of us often drank together! In the past twenty years, people have fled to the mountains and forests. I seldom walk in Jianghu. I haven't seen your teacher for many years. When the little girl meets your teacher, she says hello to me. Voice one Holding a bamboo stick in his hand, he shouted, "Why don't you go with your teacher?" With that, he nodded slightly to the ice and went away with his staff. Eight men in black followed the master closely, and in an instant,inflatable bounce house with slide, they disappeared. Zhu Cuilian put on her lips and said, "The old thief walked so fast. It seems that he was scared off by the name of Miss Xie's teacher." Binger opened her eyes wide and said, "No, didn't he just say that he and my master were old friends?" Zhu Cuilian snorted and said, "I think he's probably bragging. I've never seen him before, but just look at him." How can an evil person be an old friend of your teacher? Hsieh Shao-an said with a smile, "Sister-in-law is right. This man's eyes are not straight. He is a member of a heretical sect." Ceng Jinfa said, "He searched me for a box of beaded crossbows. If he knew how to open them, it would really hurt me." Shallow. "Why didn't you say so earlier?" Said Bing'er. "Otherwise you would have asked him for it." "Brother Tseng," said Hsieh Shao-an, "I'd like to ask you something. I don't know how to get to Yuezigang. How far is it from here?" "Are you two going to Yuezigang?" Asked Tseng Jinfa? From here straight to the south, it is about seventy or eighty Li, which is just a day. The road where the Wolf Old Man and his party went. Bingbing Liu raised her eyebrows and said, "Elder brother, is it possible that the old man Sirius is also going to the meeting?" "It's possible, Inflatable meltdown ,Inflatable water obstacle course," said Hsieh Shao-an. Bing'er blinked her clear eyes, thought for a moment, and then said, "Then he's going to ask Brother Zeng * for the method of opening the Lianzhu crossbow." Anxious to find the snake old man Yu yuan, all related to going to Yuezigang to attend the meeting. "Birds of a feather flock together," said Xie Shaoan. "I heard that Yu Tian wants to set up a martial arts alliance. Naturally, he has to bring out some famous people from the martial arts world. Come here "Elder brother," said Bing'er, "the old snake Yu yuan lives in a nearby valley. Shall we go and see if he knows?" This thing? "How do you know the old snake, Yu yuan, lives nearby?" Asked Hsieh Shao-an. "I heard it from this sister-in-law," said Bing'er. At that moment, he explained in detail how Zhu Cuilian met the old snake man. "Let's go and have a look," said Xie Shaoan. ” "What's the matter with Yuezigang?" Asked Tseng Jinfa. "It's nothing," said Hsieh Shao-an. "It's just some people from the evil sect who are going to meet at Yuezigang." Ceng Jinfa hesitated and said, "Are you going to attend, too?" "We want to have a look secretly," said Bingerka with a smile. Then she asked Zhu Cuilian, "Sister-in-law, how do you go to the cave where the old snake lives?" "If you want to go, I'll take you there," said Zhu Cuilian. "No," said Bing'er. "Just tell us how to walk." Zhu Cuilian said, "This road is not easy to find. It's better for me to take you there." "Since you two are going to have a look," said Tseng Jinfa, "it's up to you to take them there." "We have ready-made food at home," said Zhu Cuilian. "I'll bring some by the way. The old snake man has been eating snake meat all the time. It's rare to have a meal. He will be happy to eat. "By the way," said Bingbing, "since you like to eat very much, why do you always eat raw snake meat? How disgusting is that? "Maybe he has another reason," said Hsieh Shao-an. At the time of speaking, Zhu Cuilian had already gone to the kitchen to cut a large plate of stewed mountain deer and deer breast, packed a bucket of rice, and put them in together. Holding hands in the bamboo basket, he said with a smile, "Mr. Xie, Miss Xie, let's go!" Xie Shaoan and Bing Er said goodbye to Zeng Jinfa and walked out of the mountain village with Zhu Cuilian towards a mountain path. They went all the way east, and after walking for a while, Zhu Cuilian suddenly gave up the mountain path and went along a mountain stream. In this way, I walked another mile, but I saw a very dangerous valley path in the thick and gloomy place of the two cliffs, because Chongyan ran. The cliff fell down, and the valley was hidden in it. If you were not personally on the scene and looked carefully, you would never find such a secret place. This section of the valley road, only more than ten Zhangs deep, until out of the valley, one side of the cliff suddenly stopped, there is an empty mine. This valley, except for one side,Inflatable dry slide, is a dry ravine, one side is a dangerous cliff piercing the sky, the other side is a steep mountain covering the sun. joyshineinflatables.com


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