Tea Man Trilogy

Yingshuang didn't really fall asleep. She fell asleep and dreamed of a big gold tooth in a minute. He shook his fist at her and shouted as if she had been pulled onto the stage. People began to criticize her one after another. The big girl rushed to the front. She was so frightened that she woke up at once, put on her shoes and rushed out. She rushed out of the gate and saw red silk flying in the street and gongs and drums shaking the sky. She covered her chest and thought, what was she talking about just now? She said she would talk about it tomorrow. Who doesn't know that the highest instruction is not to stay overnight? I actually said to let it stay overnight. She rushed to her next home, not knowing what practical action she should take to atone for her sins. Seven people want to think, can only pray for Chairman Mao and his old man to bless her, let her next home is still at home, do not let her first home. Her next home is really not close to her home, three or five miles from the alley to touch the past, do not know fear, just heart shouted: "Chairman Mao, forgive me!"! Chairman Mao, forgive me! But she didn't know whether Chairman Mao had forgiven her or not. Anyway, her next family had disappeared. Her family said that the Ninth National Congress had been held and she had gone to school. Ying Shuang was immediately scared out of a cold sweat and ran down to the next house without asking. To the next home is three or five miles, unfortunately, the next home also disappeared, also went to school. This time Yingshuang was really scared out of tears, sobbing desperately in the streets and alleys of Hangzhou in the dark night, not knowing where her next goal was. Now she is afraid to go home or go to school. Her mind seemed to have lost its thinking, but it was replaced by her feet. It was in this way that she came to Li Pingshui,x70 line pipe, and whenever she felt desperate, her feet would carry her mind to the door of the young soldier. Li Pingshui liked to see the girl's expression. He had a deep desire for her that was distressing and unspeakable. What an unspeakable bad taste it was. She was only sixteen years old! He cursed himself in his heart. In order to fight against the terrible depraved animal nature in him, he stood up and said, as he poured cold water from two teacups, "I saw you the other day. I went to say goodbye to you. I'm leaving.". What are you dancing in the street? Like Wu Qinghua in the ballet, you didn't see me, did you? I dare not call you because you are so serious. He sent over the cold tea. The half-grown girl took a quick sip and continued to fall into the broken sofa, saying,316l stainless steel pipe, "That's the most difficult way to kick Zijin Crown upside down.". Did you see me? I saw you, too, but I couldn't say hello to you. She was still sitting and drinking tea. After a while, she suddenly came to her senses. She asked, "What did you say? You're leaving. You're leaving. Where are you going?"? Are you leaving Hangzhou? I think it's probably the same thing. If it goes well, I may go back to Pingshui, my home, Shaoxing. It's normal for me to come from there and go back there again. What are you doing? Why are you crying? I haven't left yet, and I'm not just leaving. If you want to come, you can come to me every day and I'll take you to play. Anyway, I'm already waiting for the notice. She ignored him and had a good cry. She leaned her head on the sofa and fell asleep for a while. Li Pingshui put on a military coat on her body, he thought: "Little girl, you grow up quickly.". On the second day, x56 line pipe ,316 stainless steel plate, she did not come, nor on the third day, nor on the fourth day. Li Pingshui thought that the little girl would not come again because she had forgotten him. It is rainy in the south of the Yangtze River, and it is rare to have such a spring day. Hang Han added a Chinese tunic suit over his shirt and arrived at the tea garden of the Houguo Tea Breeding Laboratory in the early morning. This laboratory was established by Hang Han when he was in Africa, and now it has a considerable scale. As soon as the movement came, although everything stopped, the accumulation of the past was still there. Plants do not understand the movement of the world, still care about their own spring to sprout, autumn to blossom, growing well. Sung Tzu-an, the forefather of the Sung Dynasty, in his Dongxi Tea Test Record, divided tea trees into seven types: white leaf tea, citrus leaf tea, early tea, fine leaf tea, late tea, and cluster tea; and divided tree types into three types: shrubs, semi-arbors, and arbors. Tea leaves are divided into two categories: big leaves and small leaves, and their germination time is also divided into early and late. Generally speaking, the leaves are big and germinate early, the new buds are fat and strong, and the tea produced is good. Later Dynasties followed this classification, and the Hangzhou-Han Dynasties are still based on this tradition. Some new varieties planted in the demonstration garden of new varieties have been seen before Hanghan went abroad. In the late 1950s, Hang Han and several of his colleagues spent three years traveling all over Zhejiang Province and investigated more than 20 better varieties. With the introduction of Yunnan large-leaf tea and local Fuding tea hybrids, plus the introduction of varieties from the Soviet Union and Japan, as well as a variety of excellent tea products throughout the country, there are hundreds of kinds. For example, Longjing 43, a new clonal variety with middle leaves and early buds, was planted as early as the spring of 1960. It was selected by Hang Han and his colleagues from a large number of tea varieties in Longjing tea area by single plant breeding. From the current experimental situation, its advantages of early germination, uniform germination, high yield and excellent quality are obvious. In the past few days, under the supervision of the rebels, these stinking old nine intellectuals have made an appraisal of Longjing 43, and found that its yield per mu can produce more than 200 kilograms of raw tea, which is 20% higher than that of Fuding's big white tea. The quality of the fried or baked green tea is also better than that of Fuding tea. Of course, the most important thing is to see what kind of Longjing tea it can produce, so they specially went to the villages of West Lake to recruit experts in fried tea. Who would have thought that before the rebels said "please", there would be a political review. Originally, he had taken a fancy to a handful of people, but this old revolutionary and capitalist had to pull the strings to climb the vine,347 stainless steel, and recently, relying on his seniority and granddaughter's brand, he was playing the crowbar again. lksteelpipe.com


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