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I have a reason to find a way out for myself, because I am a student, who knows what will happen in the future, if because of the need to learn. But I will definitely finish the first one, even when, during the summer vacation, I may write the second one when I am free. Writing and reading novels are my hobbies. In the evening, I will be small again-say-t-xt-day. Don The first chapter of the new book! Chapter One Star Luo Suburbs of Shanghai at 22:15 on the night of September 18, 2013. Shanghai at night is still so attractive, as if in the hazy beauty, you want to close, want to unveil her mysterious veil! But this is in the suburbs, but it is much quieter than the city center. A white figure floated along the sidewalk. It was a young man, about twenty years old, with a handsome appearance. However, his long hair, which floated freely on his shoulders, looked a little unconventional and a little lazy, but it had an inexplicable attraction for girls. However,Granite Slab Supplier, the most attractive thing was his eyes, bright eyes, shining like stars. A beautiful girl in a red vest looked at the young man passing by her and was attracted by the young man's temperament. The young man took one look at the girl, and a wry smile of helplessness escaped from the corners of his mouth: "It seems that it is not a very beautiful thing to enter the first state of mind of the Three Realms of the Star Pole-the Realm of Happy Spirit!"! However The young man suddenly showed a smile on his face and stretched out his right hand in his pocket, which was an attractive hand. In the dark night, the right hand inadvertently flowed with a faint and strange light, and a cold knife light flashed between his fingers. "The Three Realms of the Star Pole" is an ancient secret book left by the young man's father,Artificial Marble Slabs, whom he had never met before. There is no secret of practicing internal skills, only the magical skill of throwing a knife. The skill of throwing a knife is only the foundation. The important thing in "The Three Realms of the Star Pole" is the cultivation of one's state of mind. When one has completely mastered the skill of flying a knife, when one has completely mastered it, one will naturally reach one of these realms. The first level of "Three Realms of the Star Pole" is the "Realm of Huan Ling", and young people have now reached such a realm! And at the end of this secret book, there is the name of the writer-Li Xunhuan. The young man only knew that there was a martial arts master named Li Xunhuan in ancient times, but he didn't know that Li Xunhuan was very talented. For the first time, he only spent more than a hundred years with a flying knife, breaking the void and rising in the daytime! This "Star Pole Three Realms" is the most basic secret of Li Xunhuan's practice in that year. During the walk, the young man came to a villa. This is a very common villa, in this quiet suburb, such a villa is not one thousand, but also eight hundred. The young man took out a bunch of keys at random, Stone Honeycomb Panel ,Pietra Gray Marble, opened the door and entered it directly. At this time, several girls who passed by the villa saw the handsome young man. One of the girls in pink clothes could not help brightening her eyes and said, "Ah, so handsome, this villa seems to be nearly ten million!"! I decided that I must find a boy like this in the future! Next to a girl in purple laughed and said, "Don't dream. Work hard. There are a lot of handsome and rich men in Shanghai. But if you want to find them, it's hard to find them. But if you don't find them, maybe you'll meet your prince charming at any time!" But they also know that such a thing is only their fantasy. However, there are still countless girls desperately trying to dress themselves up for a rich husband, hoping that one day they will become the'Cinderella 'in the fairy tale! In a place like Shanghai, there are many people who have villas, but such a luxury villa costs at least millions of yuan. Owning such a villa is either rich or noble. This villa also represents the status of young people from one side. Walking into the villa, there is no difference between the villa and the general villa. It seems that it is the villa of the ordinary rich family. As soon as the young people enter the villa, they go directly to the bathroom. Entering the bathroom, the young man took out a card and inserted it directly into a secret slot behind the bathroom mirror. The slot suddenly lit up, and a red light came out, and the young man stepped forward and let the red light shine into his eyes. "Iris, identity, fit!"! Welcome, Lieutenant Li Yang! The electronic voice sounded. The bathtub immediately rose nearly two meters, and a channel was exposed under the bathtub. This young man is Li Yang. Li Yang, male, 24 years old, two years ago, from the special forces in the ace team'Dragon Teeth 'in the special forces into the National Security Agency'Group 9'! It is also the first member recruited from the army in the history of Group 9 of the Security Bureau. The main reason is Li Yang's unique skill of throwing a knife! Li Yang looked at the passage in front of him, smiled helplessly and said, "I don't want to choose a good place. I have to choose in the bathroom. I don't know which'smart 'guy made this decision." As soon as he showed his figure, he floated up like a goose feather and fell into the passage under the bathtub. That is an elevator, as Li Yang falls into it, the elevator will fall directly down at a high speed, if it is an ordinary person, and then fall to the ground at such a high speed, even if the psychological can bear, the physical can not bear. But Li Yang is the same complexion, is still so indifferent, a smile is still hanging in the corners of the mouth. Ding! Listening to a clear sound, the elevator door opened, and Li Yang walked out of the elevator. This is a secret base about 50 meters underground. The villa is the residence assigned to Li Yang, and it is also one of the passages leading to the base. There are ten villas among the nearly 1,000 villas in this suburb, which belong to the residence of the personnel of the'Security Bureau Group 9 'in Shanghai. As soon as you enter the underground base, most people will be attracted by the ceiling decoration above the base,white marble slabs, only to see that the top of the training room of the base seems to be completely starry, which is an illusory reality formed by high technology. It gives people a wonderful feeling of being in space. The shining stars hang everywhere in the virtual'starry sky 'above, which is more realistic. This base is the'Security Bureau Group 9 'Shanghai base-Xingluo. forustone.com


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