Imagine the eternal night

11, 12 years old appearance, curly golden hair, blue eyes as beautiful as the sea, ruddy little face can not help but bite, a beautiful fit black dress! This, impressively, is a small NPC that people can't help but say is so cute. Oh my God! Where did Qingxue get this little NPC? Had it not been for the fact that Qingxue was about to go crazy, a few girls with little stars in their eyes would have rushed over directly, but now it's almost the same, their eyes are almost green, and they're drooling! However, still not afraid, the lovely kapok baby in the dilly-dally for a long time, or rubbed to the side of Qingxue, Jiao Han laughed: "Qingxue sister, who is this NPC?"? He's so cute! As he spoke, Kapok wanted to reach out and touch NPC's face, but he dodged it directly! Did not care about the kapok because the NPC is too small to avoid and appear to be some injured little face, Qingxue laughed to grind his teeth unceasingly. Um. Sister Qingxue? Slightly stunned looking at Qingxue and did not answer their words, but by the fruit of the treatment of small beauty, kapok baby can not help but some confused up. What treatment? Simple! Grab the collar directly, and then throw it into the arms of the shadow thorn! With a wry smile, she looked at her sister-in-law's red appearance in her arms, and the shadow thorn was speechless. Once again, she confirmed one thing with everyone, that is, Qingxue was really mad this time! But why doesn't faith respond? With the same idea, everyone thought of this and could not help raising their eyebrows slightly. You should know that faith hates others pestering Qingxue most. Note: no matter male or female, even NPC is no exception. However, why is faith not only not angry at all but also so happy this time? After looking at each other for a long time, it was Polav who came out and asked, "Faith, you just said that it was Qingxue's …" Son? "Yes!" The retribution knight is still smiling lightly. That Who is his father? In other words,Gear Reduction Motor, Polav is really not afraid of death, like this problem, as long as a man, in the face of this problem, I am afraid there is only one choice, right? That is to get mad directly! Just as everyone was asking for the exit at the same time, instantly retreating to keep a distance for safety, a situation that everyone could not imagine happened. And what happened? "Oh, this ah, also need to ask?"? Of course his father is me! Looking at a super sesame bag with a serious face, we can not help but directly black lines. In other words, we are really not careful to forget, believe that this guy has a black belly! Day, be rectified again! Everyone in the black line, can not help the corners of the mouth straight pumping, do not know what faith and Qingxue are playing, can only change the direction. But that NPC is too small, just like a small fart bug of Qingxue, Small Geared Motors ,Vending Machine Motor, always pulling the corner of Qingxue's clothes, smiling at everyone chatting, and do not speak. Looking at this NPC small is too clever smile, we can not help if the strange uncle strange aunt general smile, said with a smile: "Hello!" " Generally speaking, in the game, as long as the NPC has a player to speak, it is almost certain that he will respond, unless he is a very small number of people, or even a person's unique NPC, so everyone will greet the NPC. After all, it's always good to be polite! But unexpectedly, this NPC small is too unexpectedly did not pay attention to the seductive words, this lets everybody cannot help but only raise the eyebrow. Yeah? Why do you ignore people? Seductive some doubts and inexplicable thinking, however, to give up is not the habit of members of the Purgatory Mercenary Corps! So, seductive also not angry, but then said with a smile: "What is your name?"? My name is Seductive Light! NPC Xiao Zhengtai smiled and was silent. Everyone was quiet this time, frowning slightly. What is the relationship between you and Qingxue, that is, this sister? Seductive did not respond, and then asked. NPC Xiao Zhengtai is still silent and smiling. Everyone frowned more deeply, really do not speak ah! "Don't be afraid!"! Qingxue and I, that is, this sister, are good friends! The corners of the mouth slightly twitched, seductive feeling asked not to go on. How can I ask? Completely ignore people! As if seeing the impatience of his own lover, Pollav then asked, "Are you afraid, little one?" As usual, he was silent and smiled. Everyone is not frowning this time, but the corners of the mouth are pumping. God damn it! This little NPC is not a mute, is he? Everyone looked at each other doubtfully, huh? Ask people? We are not dead and do not know the way, so, after teasing this NPC Xiaozhengtai for a long time, after seeing this NPC Xiaozhengtai really did not respond, we can only slowly give up, no way, it is no sense of achievement ah. Tut! Where did Qingxue get this NPC? Such doubts are almost in everyone's mind at the same time, and then it's lunch time! Because Qingxue and Belief were not summoned by blood because of the NPC Xiaozhengtai, so when Qingxue and Belief arrived here, the time was close to noon, and those who had planned to go directly to complete the task could only choose to go after lunch, and it was not until lunch that they suddenly found that Belief was also a good classmate! What he said is true! Although angry, although the fire is big, but always calm Qingxue still can suppress the anxiety of the bottom of my heart, patiently cooked lunch. Looking at the movements on Qingxue's hands, which are absolutely rude, we can't help but tremble with fear. We can only believe in this super sesame bag, the NPC Xiaozhengtai, and the ignorant giggle needlessly. Yes, is giggling, this child's smile, unexpectedly after coming over,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, unexpectedly has not changed! This makes everyone a little embarrassed! Ignoring everyone's seemingly strange attitude, and too lazy to say anything more, the brains of the Purgatory Mercenary Regiment just slowly roasted the stone scale eels!.


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