5 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring has numerous advantages, it is made from bamboo which is a greass meaning the material is renewable, strong and retains temperatures to keep your home cool or warm. Bamboo is nothing short of an extraordinary resource. More households are using bamboo to add chic flair and an eco-touch to their homes.

Bamboo is naturally strong. Even without added resins to increase strength, bamboo can withstand immense weight and usage. In the wild, different types of bamboo have varying levels of strength, but all are sturdy plants. When turned into flooring it resembles any other wood floor, but some interior designers choose to retain some of the natural-bamboo appearance.

Bamboo grows quickly. It can still grow even after harvest has begun as long as the rhizome of the plant is intact. Considering that oak, pine and other trees used for flooring take much longer to grow, bamboo is a sound eco-friendly choice. Bamboo also requires less use of pesticides and other chemicals during growing seasons. It is naturally easy to grow without additional chemicals needed. It's superior to other wood in dozens of ways; one of the most significant ways being how low impact it is on the environment.

Dust mops are quick and easy for cleaning bamboo. They reach underneath couches, tables, chairs and desks. Using a dust mop on a bamboo floor is faster than a broom on any other type of cali bamboo flooring. A gentle floor cleaner is necessary for wet mopping. Vacuums with a hard-floor setting can be used on bamboo as well. Pets, children and high heels are no match against a solid bamboo floor.

Households are quickly catching on that bamboo floors may be an ideal choice for their homes. It looks great in all rooms of the house, and it comes in different styles. Each room can be tailored to suit your needs. Some people even choose heated bamboo floors for their bathrooms. Bamboo is easily customizable to your needs and desires.

Unlike traditional wood flooring, bamboo does not need to be polished regularly. It has a fast and easy installation that will allow you to stay in your home during the installation process. Many new flooring options require at least one night in a hotel. The speed of installation alone is worth the investment versus other flooring types.


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