How to write an effective essay introduction

Introduction is the starting paragraph of your essay from which the reader should get a clear idea, what would be the whole essay about, it can be stated as a sketch of complete essay.  It is the most important part of the essay and cannot be taken lightly. In case you still see something incomplete about it then consult from any free essay writer, he would surely dig something outstanding out of it.

Introduction is just like a pillar of content on which the whole essay is developed. Few of the important and useful tips to write an introduction are:What is the purpose of introduction?

Make some bullet points to structure your essay before you start an introduction

Keep it precise

Try to reflect the clear image of the topic

How to format an essay introduction?

Beginning of an essay should be with a generic question

An interesting fact should then be revealed that the reader didn’t know before

Keep it personal

Elaborate the topic description

How to make an introduction effective?

·    Develop the interest of reader

Start with the question, and then make it surprising for a reader to develop their interest in the essay. The more they read, more they involve.


·    Always use formal tone – unless the informal way is demanded

Rules are a must follow in academic writing as per the policies; don’t use informal tone unless demanded by the instructor.


·    Keep your essay introduction example conscious

As the introduction itself means to introduce, don’t use details in it. Keep it precise and surprising.


·    Thesis statement

Thesis statement should be the last part of your introduction which would include your topic, key point and the points of discussions.


These are some effective ways in which you can make an outstanding introduction to give an interesting start to your paper. In case you still find it a bit difficult, take assistance from any essay writing service or have a look at some free essay samples.



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