The Stalley Collection


The Stalley collection of medieval architecture and sculpture images comprises black and white prints and colour digital images photographed by Roger Stalley, former Professor of History of Art and Chair of the Department of History of Art and Architecture until 2010, and initiator of the Irish Art Research Centre. His research focuses on issues involving architecture and sculpture in the middle ages and the dissemination of Gothic in the twelfth and thirteenth century. He is the lead investigator on the IRCHSS-funded Reconstructions of the Gothic Past thematic research project, directing strand one, Architectural colonisation in Anglo-Norman Munster

The Stalley collection was built up over a period of years and focuses principally on Irish medieval architecture and sculpture covering a period between roughly 700AD and 1600AD. This includes extensive coverage of high crosses, early Christian church buildings, Romanesque and Gothic ecclesiastical sculpture and architecture and Medieval castles. The Irish material is complimented by a smaller collection of related architecture in Britain and the Continent.


  • Professor Roger Stalley, Trinity College Dublin

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